Saturday, January 12, 2013


As I am wont to do, I will try and give my own suggestions and how we as a people can stop this ugly trend becauses indeed you can or a close one can be the next victim (God forbid)

Below are itemized suggestions that will drastically reduce kidnappings


I think it is time for the police to start investigating suddenly rich young men and boys. The "he just came from Ghana" cannot be a justification for wealth after 6 months of leaving. Also having been here in America, I know for certain you cannot be a millionaire overnight except you win the lottery. My brother Riete Ofugara and the Ometies and Hilda Avwenagha have also told me the same thing of London. Apostle Ovie A. Dafe says same of Italy etc etc. Thus when young men and women return with fantastic amounts in such short time, we must also ask how that is. The police thus must have a department dedicated to suddenly wealthy individuals. They must be brought in and questioned. The Nigerian embassies in Ghana, US, Canada, Austria etc must be emailed and questions asked as to WHAT DOES HE DO?

In other climes, if you deposit as little as ten thousand dollars, the banks will call the police and you will be questioned. You must show precisely how you came about the money. In this way, you may succeed in the crime, but the aftermath and stashing of the money becomes a problem and a means to fish you out. The truth is that a lot of our young men in that Sapele axis do not even go to the Ghana to hustle which now is the perfect cover. They may make the money from the kidnapping in Nigeria, go to Ghana to chill for a while and 3-6 months later return to welcoming Nigeria as big boys. I say we question each and everyone of us as to how we make that wealth as is done globally. The days of testimonies in church that goes like "Praise the Lord!!! I was poor but God blessed me. Now I have a house in Lekki and that Hummer outside is mine. Pra pra praise the Lord..." must end. The testimonies must be "I was poor, God now blessed my Pure water business or blessed my Dear MaMa Laundry or gave me a contract with Eternit to supply cement or gave me a job with Chevron" etc. We must know the source of the "blessing".
As long as young men who  only last 2 months were broke can overnight drive flashy cars and rent or buy houses, without the society questioning them, kidnappings, armed robbery, ritual killing etc etc will not stop no matter the policing.


It is now common knowledge that groups of young men now go to a quiet village near major towns, furnish apartments and carry out these nefarious activities. The government and police must encourage villagers to report all such “strangers” who come to their villages from nowhere with no job and or economic interest of farming etc in that village.


policing is helped by tips surreptitiously given to the police. Any citizen that gives tips that leads to arrest must be rewarded for being “good citizens” Campaigns on TV and Radio and on bills must announce monetary rewards to people who report suspicious activities to the police. By the time someone is given 100,000 naira for solid information, we would have a vibrant “para-police” in the denizens.


Delta State and indeed every state has their version of the Bob Izuas…people that the thugs and vagabonds and honestly sometimes merely unemployed boys look up to and work for. Without mentioning names, those in the Sapele/Warri Community know the people to whom I refer. The police must work with these community leaders by asking them to submit a complete list and also photograph and fingerprint of their followers. Since these people have access to funds from companies and also since these boys double as “political egbe wagers” let us know them and so armed robbers and kidnappers cannot hide amongst them and ascribe stupendous moneys from ransom to “community money”. The community leaders must thus ensure that their followers do not indulge in such activities and must be made to report suspicious behaviour to the police else face dire consequences.NOBODY IS BIGGER THAN GOVERNMENT. If you cannot run your ship, we must take it from you and nominate someone who can run the community and monitor the youths better.


Al Capone was done in by IRS and not the police. The IRS is more feared than the police in America and elsewhere. If you have large chunks of money and cars etc, if you cannot explain how you got it and if you do not pay taxes on the moneys, cars, and properties, you are made to forfeit (seize) them and you also go to jail. I do not understand why the government is not doing this. Drug-dealers and other criminals have to work extra hard, not only in making the illegal money but also in hiding it. As I am here now, if I am given a million dollars illegally, you have complicated my life seriously. I cannot deposit it in any US bank nor can I go to a car dealership and pay the 50,000 dollars in cash. In four minutes or less, I will be speaking with a policeman from the back of their vehicle and explaining how I got the money. It is why the Suge Nights and Damon Dash etc have to hire accountants and lawyers and try to hide the money in entertainment and music. Those who live in the US or who are knowledgeable in these affairs know what I am talking about.

I see that this administration through the governor of the central bank is trying to make Nigeria follow in this regard. He must be encouraged and banks and bankers must realize that if they make this policy fail, maybe it is their mothers that will be kidnapped next and someone will be easily able to stash the ransom. Thus when a young man or woman is unable to explain his source of wealth, the IRS must seize such monies immediately.


I do not understand those who are against capital punishment and say Bible says “thou shalt not kill” when all through the old Testament where that law was written, JEHOVAH, God of the Hebrews ordered people to be put to death. The same Bible also said “Live by the sword die by the sword (sword being the equivalent of a gun back then) Thus it is those against capital punishment that are going contrary to the Bible.

Since the public killing of Dr. Oyenusi, the notorious armed robber at Barbeach, a lot of notorious criminals have gone the same way. When the good Judge Omo Agege sentenced Anini, Osunbor and the conniving policeman Iyamu to death by firing squad, everyone over 25 years old and that lived in and around Benin will agree that crime rate plummeted seriously. The very England that is attempting to stop capital punishment once hung the heads of criminals at city entrance and public places. In fact the judge pronounces that you be “hanged, drawn and quartered” which means the criminal is hanged and upon dying, his dead body is tied to a horse and taken round the city, and after everyone has seen it, he is cut into four pieces (quartered) today London has the lowest crime rate in the world for such a city. Their evolution ensured that crime was severely punished and entrenched this in their DNA.

In our evolution as a country Nigeria, we are skipping eras and classes. We are attempting to walk without crawling. What is the ratio of police and cars to the citizens of America and what is the ratio of police and police cars to citizens in Nigeria? Thus when I hear that schools and parents in Nigeria are stopping corporal punishment wherein a child is beaten up severely when he steps out of line so quite early he or she understands actions and consequences, I shake my head in disgust. We do not have the American, England forensic, and justice system yet we want to adopt their ways. HOW FOOLISH.

Some states in the East have had their state legislative houses pass laws that prescribe capital punishment for kidnappers and armed robbers. WAY TO GO!!! I say we bring back the firing squads. I say children from 13 be allowed to come to the stadium and see kidnappers and thieves and murderers put to death. I say the Nigerian youth and children need to know crimes have consequences and dire ones too.


The present system of policing in Nigeria just is not working. The governor of Delta State Emmanuel Uduaghan has been calling for the prosecution of certain policemen who he said connived with kidnappers in Delta State. If indeed by the Constitution of Nigeria, the Governor is the chief security officer of his state, I say the police be put under him. Let him pay them and let them answer to him. In the US, states own their police departments e.g. NYPD (New York Police Department then the Federal Government has the FBI. When the FBI is to take over is well spelt out. I say we adopt this because THE PRESENT FORMAT OF THE POLICE IN NIGERIA IS JUST NOT WORKING.

Finally, I must remind everyone that KIDNAPPING NA SMELLI SMELLI YEYE HUSTLE. No be work. I welcome discussions and arguments for and against my viewpoint and more importantly further ways and means we can put a stop to this ugly trend.