Thursday, January 10, 2013


"I am AMAZING not I am a mason." so goes Jay Z's song that replies rumours he is of the sect of Mason or the Illuminati.

Indeed every successful person has at one time or the other been said to be a member of the Illumati and their success ascribed to the devil. Michael Jackson is perhaps the greatest example of this. His songs are played from the back and slowed down and the rewound sound said to be devilish conversations. It matters not that if this is done to every song, it sounds precisely the same.

Even when our dear Dbanj, who by mere happenstance met with Kanye West and an inclement alliance formed, people were quick to say Illuminati is using Dbanj as an inroad into Nigeria.

When you really read about Lady Gaga and her songs and explanations, like me you will be moved and say she is really something devious, after all the Bible says the devil was thrown down here. Lady Gaga's case is about the closest you are going to get to a very convincing agreement.

And now Obama. His love for the blue shirt coincides with Nostradamus prediction that the Anti Christ will wear blue. His Muslim ties from his father and the fact he spent his childhood in Indonesia, a Muslim country just makes it all the more scary.

Then the hand signs and the BBM broadcasts saying Obama is asking Americans to accept a chip on their foreheads as the sign of the 666.

That is when i said COMMON GUYS!!! These endtime conspiracy theories are going a bit too far perhaps? For starters there is not a single truth in the chips story. The means of identification in America in the foreseeable future remains a piece of paper called your "social security number" the last four of which your are required to memorize so you do not take the paper everywhere, and an identity card issued by the Motor Vehicle office. Thus like in Nigeria and everywhere else, it is an ID card and not a chip used in identifying you.
The above lie had me thinking. If Michael Jackson is the anti Christ we heard he was, will simple overdose be able to kill him? If Lady Gaga is the devil's bride, will she be said to have the disease we hear she has? What in Beyonce should make us think she is anti-Christ? This is a girl that has moving gospel songs and grew up in Church. This is a girl so closely monitored by her manager-father that Jay Z had to stay meters away from her when her father was around. This is a girl who already was the biggest thing musically either as a group or as a single artiste, why then will she suddenly become "illuminati"? We don't even know those she has dated with all the paparazzi.

Yes the Paparazzi. How come with most of them practically camped outside these stars houses with super cameras, not once have we had them picture all these stars in some compromising position?

The truth simply is that the devil is a liar and a name dropper. Silly Nigerians like Michael Anozodo, winner of a Mtn Project Fame believed these stories and sang a song to the Devil called "Lucille" in which he asks God to forgive Satan. I am waiting for him to "blow" these past one year but still he stays on the outside fringes of Nigerian music success.

Chris Brown remains the best RnB singer and dancer alive right now (Usher will be angry at this) and people with their fickle memory seemed to forgive him and he is back on top. Even Rihanna has forgiven him with time. Yes time is a healer and it is not because of any devil Song that he is back on top.

I am not saying the devil does not exist or that there is no Illuminati or some Satanist groups. But I am just tired of people ascribing talents given by God, honed by sheer hardwork and diligence of the human so bestowed, to the Devil
If a pastor is able to perform a miracle, he is doing it with devilish power forgeting Jesus himself was accused of the same.
If a Michael Jackson who was blessed with a golden voice and started performing on stage before he was five and whose father had a belt to flog him if he failed to rehearse and perfect his gift, who was brought up as a Jehovah Witness (though he was disfellowshipped or something) rises to become the world's greatest singer, he is anti-christ.
If a Beyonce whose father gave up his high-earning job and staked his all to make his fact BEAUTY PERSONIFIED daughter a star, entering her in over 30 talent hunt shows etc and she indeed rises and shines, Beyonce is the anti-Christ

And if lady Gaga, a very intelligent song-writer and a genius who understands how religious people are and packages herself intelligently as the opposite so as to get attention like someone wearing red in an all-white room, if she is smart enough to know she will get free publicity and tongues wagging which is massively smart in show business, she is the anti-Christ.

And if Obama likes his blue shirt. If like Martin Luther, he is blessed with the gift of the garb and uses his YES WE CAN like Martin's I HAVE A DREAM and is brave enough to run for president and if for some reason the incumbent BUSH has done so terribly Republicans were certain to lose and if he is preferred to a woman...who by the way has never ruled America as women still face inequal treatment in pay and opportunities legally, that brilliant Obama who went to Harvard thanks to affirmative action, IS THE anti-Christ.

And since Christians now believe God and Jesus no longer blesses anyone. Since God has stopped raising "David's" that conquers "Goliaths" and captures "Jerusalems". Since christians truely believe now that the Devil is the one that bestows gifts like voice, intelligence, etc etc, since God is now so powerless to them, they can continue to ascribe God's glory to the Devil. The chorus "Jehovah God, that is your name, you will never share your glory with anyone..." should continue to be merely a chorus with no meaning.
As for me, like most of the stars who win the Grammy, I will continue to ascribe great gifts to God and like they say as they win by dint of God-given talent and hardwork, I too say "First I'd like to thank God ....."