Saturday, January 12, 2013


  What is so long in the letter C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S that it is now spelt XMAS. I don't see anybody abreviating BUTTERFLY which is same nine letters. Are the letters CHRIST so repulsive that the letter X which signifies the unknown and which mathematicians are still trying to "find" sufficient replacement?

First it was CHRIST MASS which is a Mass in honour of Christ's birth. Then one S got missing so it does not sound like Catholic Churches' MASS. Then CHRIST got missing. Now it is XMAS a far-cry from CHRIST MASS

The most annoying is by us Nigerians when we say "Compliment of the season". What does this phrase mean? What happened to the "compliment of the season"Ehen! So? It is like the words in letters those days "I hope you are in good health, if so DOXOLOGY" What doxology? Go ahead and say the very doxology like "if so, glory be to God" or "we praise the Lord" not DOXOLOGY. Same thing with "Compliments of the season" Why can't we say "happy Christmas in advance" as we used to?

The world is now a killing field and even kindergartens are death-traps as more and more we eliminate Christ from our lexicons and everyday living, I point to the US as a prime example. Since Christian prayers have been removed from schools; since this country built by Christian Pilgrims have allowed the very tenets of Christ with which they built the greatest country the world has ever known; since even the words "In God We Trust" that is in their money, people want it removed at great expense and millions and billions of dollars; since they have stopped teachers from sharing the Good News Of Jesus and his peacefulness and love; since they have removed the fear that if you are bad, you will go to Hell Fire and burn for Eternity; since they have told Children "It all ends here, You will not account for what you do in another place or to Abraham or Peter and there is no Devil with a long Fork to pull you to HellFire, why won't the kids take guns and kill everyone and kill themselves since THERE IS NO ACOUNTING FOR OUR DEEDS AND NO PUNISHMENT ONCE YOU SHOOT YOURSELF?

Ask yourselves "IS THE CHRISTLESS AMERICA A BETTER AND SAFER PLACE TO LIVE IN OR A WORSE ONE? I ask for "little drops of water" in this Ocean. For you to do your bit and bring CHRIST back in our daily conversations about this Season. To never say XMAS but to take 3 more seconds to spell it or say it out loud.

And to all of us reading this, I say Merry CHRISTmas and a happy New year in advance and may all our dreams come true in Jesus Name. (Yes to you to you too my Muslim Brothers and sisters as well as Olokun worshippers. Happy CHRISTmas)