Saturday, January 12, 2013


  Even in my tired state, I am listening (yes too tired to watch) to FOX News as they do their best possible to ensure OBAMA is removed from office this coming elections in America. Listening to the crimes leveled against Obama, I felt transported to Nigeria and I almost felt mosquito bite me because of how close the arguments and accusations against Obama resembled the ones against GEJ.

Okay, GEJ is not the orator Obama is nor does he have Obama's charm but in the most fundamental way, I see a serious similarity chief of which is that they both seem to have a God that insists on elevating them.

Both of them are born to African fathers and while Obama's Kenyan negro heritage makes him a minority, GEJ's Ijaw parentage puts him outside the Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba/Ibo majority tribes. Thus neither of them growing up dare dream of being President. When circumstances, luck and or God ensured events made it possible for both of them to aspire to the highest office of their lands, they were ranked outsiders

Both were told "they had no experience" Obama was a senator with no executive experience while GEJ was a deputy Guv then Guv. However events and or luck or God turned that inexperience to "fresh air" in GEJ's case and "Change" in Obamas.

Both of them are some of the first leaders to embrace facebook. Their support base is the youths and win they did against traditional powers blocks...power blocks that were determined to stop both of them from the onset.

While the Republican senators swore from day one to "make Obama fail by opposing his policies", the Nigerian power block swore to render GEJ's government "ungovernable" Thus while Obama has sweated everyday for his policies to be approved by a Republican Senate, GEJ has totally been distracted by Boko Haram.

Obama like GEJ has had very low ratings in first two years of rule. His "yes we can" like GEJ's "I had no shoes" are butt of jokes and ridicule as has been the "fresh air".

The opposition to both of them seem to be profiting. While the Ryan's (Romney's VP Nominee) who while they were Senators voted and truncated obama's policies, in Nigeria, the very elements that are the cause of retrogression and unrest are the ones screaming loudest and who stand to profit the most should Obama lose or GEJ be removed. talk about eating your cake and having it!!!

The most annoying as i listen to FOX is how the Republicans blame Obama for "pre-existing medical conditions". They point to 15 trillion debt of America and have a big clock to remind America of their debt...when majority of it was acquired by the Republican former President BUSH. In same vein I listen to the the Buharis, Babangidas, El Rufai etc blame GEJ for NEPA, insecurity, and other malaise that are indeed not his making nor happenings generated by his rule. Like Ryan the VP Nominee says "You promised to solve it so solve it" a mantra I have heard in many quarters said to GEJ. They point out increased debt even in Obama's time as they point to GEJ's. Thus these two must pack the excrements shat by other bottoms and are blamed for the odours and while they both try to pack it, they ensure the tissue papers and everything needed to pack the faeces is not available to the presidents. The very ones that shat and farted are the ones holding their noses and screaming the loudest.

For Obama and GEJ, the silent majority know who shat. They listen to the broadcasts and say nothing while the minority take to television and facebook with twitter. the powers know both of them are Collosi. In GEJ's case, there is a powerful pressure for him not to recontest in 2015. In Obama's case it is to come on TV and lie abt factories he did not close as if he did.

CNN did a documentary on George Bush Senior which aired yesterday september 3rd 2012 and even as an octogenarian, George Bush spoke of the pain he felt losing to Bill Clinton and how he would never forgive Ross Perot the Billionaire independent candidate who he blames for his loss. Seeing the pain in Bush's eyes despite his son having been president, I came to understand how it must feel for Hausa/Fulani Supremacists and also White racists seeing that not only did power leave their hand, but to a group they consider inferior and not good enough to be amongst them how much more rule them. i can hear their heart break and heart fill with hate and determination to see the incumbent lose.

However like I said, God chooses those he blesses and Obama and GEJ have been blessed by God as first of their people to rise to that exalted position of president without being the most qualified. And just as God delivered Osama to Obama when God chose.. an achievement of which is cornerstone of Obama's bragging rights, I believe that is how God will deliver Boko Haram to GEJ at his chosen time. When God chooses a man, or a people, he is persecuted and written off then he rises. Examples of this include the nation of Israel which has been conquered severally yet exist still and prospering and King David who was an outlaw, begged bread from temple and even as King endured an uprising from his own son Absolom.

Like I told my brother Riete Ofugara inbetween arguing about arsenal and Chelsea, Obama is a child of Destiny much like GEJ. .To bet against them is to lose badly Indeed of Obama and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, if there exist no more similarities, this one you cannot deny, they are the two men who are president of countries i am resident of and if from their back you say "Mr president Sir", both will turn in response  because they are both the rulers one of the most powerful country on earth, the other the most populous black country on eart.

God bless Nigeria and America