Thursday, January 10, 2013


Let me make this clear this once. I LOVE AYO ORITSEJAFOR. I grew up with him on my TV with his BJ haircut saying "God Loves You and so do I" I believe he and Benson Idahosa shaped what is Pentecostal churching today. I believe his life is an example that from the weed-laden Uguanja area of sapele, you can become the number one christian in Nigeria and be sought after globally.

Furthermore, what he is doing as the voice of Christians in a Muslim-dominated political landscape of Nigeria is second to none. Even Arch Bishop Okojie was not this vocal and Ayo has brought the Christian plight even to the notice of American congress etc. I cannot thank him enough.

When I read his church had bought him a private jet, I said to myself, if a pastor deserves a private jet, it is pastor Ayo as what he does as CAN president is one of the most dangerous jobs in Nigeria today. I really would not want him waiting at Murtala Mohammed or any airport with our lax security. The nation has gotten a lot more dangerous since Okojie and if we are to speak the truth, the Pope also goes around in his Papal jet and bullet proof vehicles because it is a dangerous world now for Christian leaders with political inclinations. Muslims (Not aall of course but violent sects and goups eg A Qaeda) have become lot more insatiably violent and killing the pope or Ayo will be a major score.

Thus if as a Sapele man and a Southern Christian which Ayo today risks his life for, I would gladly donate to his security and private jet.

What people do not tell you is that TD Jakes and top preachers that bring in huge foreign income are on the security radar of the FBI CIA etc and are top priority for all US security agencies. They are national icons.

My worry is that Christianity is evolving right before our eyes and maybe i am just antediluvian in my view of Christianity. maybe my Baptist/catholic upbringing wherein the offering is not the property of the pastor to do as he pleases including buying fancy cars etc...

Maybe it is because I attended "Our Lady's Nursery School" and thus understand that a lot of the offering went to educating the world and imbibing Christian values for next to free.
Maybe it is because I have read too much of St Theresa and mary Slessor and other ways the offerings have been used in furthering not just religion but the betterment of humanity

Maybe it is because i am aware that all of these new churches are poor compared to the Catholics and baptists and Anglicans and yet their religious leaders do not flaunt the wealth and glory in it and proving that it is by swimming pools and flashy cars that we know God has blessed someone.

Maybe it is because "the son of man had no home to sleep" and the levites who are today's pastors were the least wealthy members of Israel as opposed to Pastors being the wealthiest today.

maybe it is because God said "where a man's treasure is, there lies his heart" and if I had planes and Phantoms my treasure thus on this earth and honestly will not be looking forward to heaven

maybe it is because the very churches who ask for HIV certificate from those abt to marry will not ask where a man who was broke last month got 40 million to give to pastor.

maybe it is because I grew up reading a Bible wherein Prophets (Pastors) chastised the society and asked them to turn away from evil instead of concentrating on the offerings they bring.

maybe it is because when people gave their all in the Bible, it was to be able to live communally and which accounts for "deacons" who were to share to everyone according to his needs and not to make Peter or Paul, the richest amongst them while the people wallow in poverty. Their all was not to go in Pastors pocket but to the betterment of all

Maybe it is because pastors are the ones through whom people view christianity and seeing a pastor living in mansions and flying planes while their church members sell their babies to feed may not be the best image of a loving God that looks out for the poor.

maybe because the number of new people ACCEPTING CHRIST has reduced DRASTICALLY. That what is happening is church hopping as people who already are "christians" move to these new churches wherein prosperity is preached and not much new souls are gotten for Christ.

maybe it is because whereFaith Arena is built was evil forest in Benin and Idahosa actually battled "heathen" Binis and led them to Christ and was not satisfied with snatching Catholic members.

Maybe it is because it would be nice to see the general Overseers in one local village in the North winning souls from amongst those who haven't heard abt Christ and like in Taraba State, very little income to give as offering instead of all of them concentrating on Lagos and London and Abuja enough for the two Chrisses to be having turf war in Ikosi GRAIkeja Lagos.

Maybe it is because I really would love more orphanages owned and managed by these new churches as opposed to bringing food every christmas for ones owned by Catholic churches and Charity as a mere after-thought when "If I spoke in language...but have not Charity"

maybe the Charity is not "love" but actually giving to prisoners, motherless babies etc.

maybe it is because where i reside neighbouring New York suffered a hurricane and Red Cross is the one showing all the love and actually doing all the work even ahead of Government and red Cross is a Catholic initiativeand if the Pope lived lavishly, where would Red Cross find the money to operate years and years and in every disaster including in Syria right now

Maybe I expected one of these churches to do the same for flood victims and not merely say where to "drop donations". maybe I expected these General Overseers to be the leading lights and visit these sites and make showing Christ Love to these people a central piece of the Gospel of charity and love in action.

maybe I still think Pastors (Prophets) are the conscience of the society as was John The baptist.

Maybe that is why I am chagrined by news of pastors whenever I log into facebook and read the posts of the people I follow like the Soni Akojis, Bubays, Dedons, Pablos etc.

What I do know is that God will honour his word no matter how flawed the vessel and it is central we all continue to look to him and not to man as EVERY MAN is flawed hence jesus asked us not to consider them "papa" or "father" so we do not get disillusioned when they show fleshly avarice and a desire to please the flesh in Phantoms and Chardonay laden private jets ala Paris Hilton

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