Wednesday, February 27, 2013

GEJ IS CLUELESS??? REALLY??? You are joking right? By Ena Ofugara

A TV documentary came out that showed Police College Ikeja to be an eyesore. GEJ did the implausible by a Nigerian leader. He went to visit a place just on the strength of a documentary. Soni Akoji last night insulted GEJ that he has visited the police College now and his committee has submitted report and he has locked it in a file to gather cobwebs, only for ikeja residence to scream that indeed work has reached advance stage already on the police college.
Now here is the interesting part.
1. Neither Sahara Reporters or any other newspaper reported the progress until recently. Does this not make you wonder what other good things sahara Reporters is not reporting and that like an owl, they are harbingers of bad news only?
Not even past military leaders have reposed such faith in their own colleagues. They would have given it to Julius berger. But GEJ has for the first time made our army bless Nigeria without shooting a gun, planning a coup or quelling an unrest.THE ARMY IS INVOLVED IN CONSTRUTIVE NATION BUILDING.
Now this does a lot. No oyibo in Germany will be waiting for our money as profit. Instead our army men will feed their wives from the extra buck or two made.

3 Idle mind is the devil'sworkshop. he is keeping them busy
4. With all of the hostility between the army and police, a little comraderie and partnership from the building will be good for unity
5. In the army, you study different things and not just how to kill people or political science and taking coups. By utilizing the engineering department, soldiers have the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice.
6. If the huge potentials and discipline and training and manpower of the army can be used this positively, what stops us from employing it for bridges, roads etc?

And to think that the man who promptly addressed the decay of the police college, a decay that has spanned through Gowon, Muritala, OBJ, Shagari, Buhari, IBB, Shonekan, Abacha, Abdul salam, OBJ (again!!!!) Yar'Adua, and now GEJ addresses it, to think that he is fixing it so brilliantly with the army and that the man GEJ that is doing this is widely called CLUELESS just has to be the worst disservice done to anyone and any president.

I continue to ask for debates on which president has done more for Nigeria than GEJ whether it be for his diversifying the economy and encouraging farming with our ports ready for exportation of our produce...first since the sixties and the groundnut pyramids, or perhaps the refurbishing of the airports or perhaps the resurrection of the rails, or perhaps the incontrovertible yet denied vast improvement in power, or the possibility of once again meeting all our cement needs domestically, or the repair of the Lagos Benin road (only road path linking East/South South with the West)which none other has been able to do or ...the list is endless.

Now when the British Prime Minister talks about India and Brazil and Indonesia and Nigeria in one breath with a tinge of trepidation at our progress, Nigerians ordinarily should be pleased as for the first time, it was not a Collin Powell saying we are a Nation of fraudsters. Instead it was to our potential finally turning kinetic. But not Nigerians. We prefer bad news and the insults. It pleases our collective sado-masochistic mindset when we are stripped bare and bashed.
The following is a facebook friends's articulation of GEJ's achievement. Notice the slow but steady movement from unstable to stable to viable etc
Soji Oseni Jagaban II
Its a shame some people will be blaming GEJ when NEPA abi na PHCN takes light.... Na GEJ spoil the structure? Or U think its by magic a gigantic structure can be replaced or refurbished afta over 20yrs of decay in a short time.... Haven't U heard the words "its easier to destroy than build? Rebuilding is even harder...... Anyway, becos of some of my students like: Michael Akinfolarin, who passed just 3 papers out of 9...I will give some highlights of the present govts dis form of Do U know?

Do U know that:..... In October 2011 International Ratings agency, Fitch Ratings revised the country’s Outlook upwards from Negative to Stable.

Do U know that:....Standard and Poor’s another internationally respected and independent ratings agency, revised Nigeria's ratings from stable to Positive.

Do U know that.....GEJ Signed into law the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Bill 2010 (Local Content Bill) which has increased Local Content in the Oil and Gas sector.

As a direct result of that law Royal Dutch Shell awarded a N7.8 billion ($49.9 million) contract to a Nigerian firm, S.C.C Limited, for the manufacture of high pressure line pipes that would otherwise have been awarded to a foreign firm.

And also as a result of this law, Exxon Mobil awarded an off shore platform contract to a local firm, NigerDockNig. PLC that would otherwise have been awarded to a foreign firm.

Do U know that:.......On March 29th, 2011, and again in 2012, the UK Government in London described Nigeria as the fourth fastest growing economy in the world.

Do U know that......Nigeria’s GDP grew by a record 8.29% during the last quarter of 2010 and by over 7% in 2011. In the first quarter of 2012 Nigeria had verifiably become the fourth fastest growing economy in the world as recently attested to by several multilateral bodies and trading partners.

Do U know that......under d GEJ govt the Textile industry was revived  As a result the United Nigerian Textile Limited was reactivated amongst others and 2000 employees re-engaged.

Non oil exports from 2010 (standing at $2.3 Billion) and subsequent years are ten times what they were in 2000 (which were $200 Million) as a direct result of this administration’s intervention in the Textile Industry and Real Sector.

These are just a few basic economic indexes I expect high thinking people should look out and not all dis gra-gra political talks....

On the same @Soni Akoji's post we both called Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Nigeria's best president ever and challenged people to name any president who has done more. Now understand that @Soni's page is filled with those with bile for GEJ but whenever I arrive on his status, people scurry away like mice in front of the king Cobra. This was my post on his wall  which chronicles past leaders and compares them to GEJ the famed "CLUELESS SHOELESS ONE"which nobody has dared to challenge

TAFAWA BALEWA/Azikiwe ran the nation aground with no idea how to stop violence in the west. Even during their time, the groundnut pyramids started disappearing. 

Aguyi Ironsi...too short...

Gowon, so much oil money, but stupid enough to Nationalize companies putting half-literate nigerians in charge and ownership. Thus went all foreign inveestments which we cry for till today. He was not called "clueless" even when he did not know the meaning of the word "confederation" and thus he led us into war

Murtala? Muritala...if  ITT is anything to go by, he must have meant well.

OBJ/Yaradua? Where is continuity with ITT where are the phones etc? What did OFN (Operation feed the nation) achieve or "all lands belong to the federal govt" if not to allow Obasanjo steal a small village called Ota and build his farm. IF IT WAS GEJ???????

Shagari, the TC11 teacher just cos he is Uthman Dan Fodio's grand son....his austerity measure is unforgetable. yet it was not all bad. He did not plummet the price of oil. But JK RANDALL in his articles says Shagari's administration witnessed so much foreign loans none of which even entered these country ...not a kobo. Do you remember Umaru Dikko?

Then the beasts Buhari who makes a law that when you tell the truth, as long as it does not favour him, you must see kirikiri. same beast that killed two young men for smuggling cocaine when at the time they did it, it was not capital punishment and when even the nations they were going to do not kill mere couriers. Then he stops the trains contract and that is reason for expensive food items from the norrth, traffic jam in Lagos, poor road and deaths from capsized lorries etc.Then he imprisons TAI SOLARIN,the patriot. What evil possesses a leader to do that? and blind ajasin and all but kills the squaky clean and honest Ambrose Ali. And sends a Veepee Ekwueme to prison and his principal Shagari lounges at home under "house arrest because he is muslim or what? And then all top men in the admin are muslims Buhari, Idiagbon, babangida, Abacha vatsa etc...all pointing to a very sinister muslim agenda. And as pertains the common man, ordinary milk and bournvita and Milo became ESSENTIAL COMMODITY and we were flooged into queues to buy MILK AND MILO AS ESSENTIAL COMMODITY. that is one and only time milk and milo wld be essential commodity. And the fool goes to the marklet and flogs people into selling below cost price as if that was how to reduce prices. FOOL.

Then babangida. Shld i mention 419, drugs SAP (structural adjustment Program). He  wasted billions on never-ending elections etc?

then shonekan...

then SANNI ABACHA (I refuse to even comment on Abacha.  Only Buhari in this world says he did not steal nor was he evil)

then the forgetable Abdusalam....nothing to remember but rumours of major theft

then OBJ with GSM selling us sims for 35 thousand and stealing us blind with per minute billing IF IT WAS GEJ?????????

Then yarAdua that we didnt see or feel and he was not criticized but endlessly spoken of with respect. I have asked people and maybe you all can help me IS YARADUA EVIL OR IS EL RUFAI AND RIBADU? both cannot be right. If El Rufai and ribadu can escape in a democracy where fair trial and your day in court is guaranteed, why did they run? Who is evil amongst them? Yet that escaped criminal El Rufai is GEJ's worst YES WORST COS HE STINKS critic.

Now at none of these times was farming, cement manufacture, airport repairs, second niger bridge and above all railway discussed. In the most populous black nation in the world, with a land mass that covers four climes (swamp rainforest, savanah, desert) with lagos being one of the densest cities in the world, NOT ONE PAST LEADER THOUGHT ABOUT TRAINS OR HAD IT WORKING AND GEJ IS THE CLUELESS ONE??????

In conclusion, for those of  us who voted GEJ, it is not easy. Nobody said it would be, but be reminded that GEJ is doing his damnedest nad it is working. Yes I supported him at first simply because he was Niger Deltan but just looking at him everyday on television, seeing him be so submissive to God and knowing how blessed he has been, I am happy to on gratis be a voice on his side.

I ask you all to pray for him as he continues to triumph over "goliaths" and lead us aright. I continue to ask you to speak up against people who attack him just because he is not Yoruba or Hausa (Ibo will face same plight.) I ask you to ask such people to tell you how their person was better. Then ask them to support GEJ as he is good for all of Nigeria. This man GEJ has God in his heart and you can see it in his eyes.
One with God can never be clueless.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



People have said "God is a Nigerian. They point to the two civil wars we have had (Yes two) of Adaka Boro (twelve days) and Ojukwu's Biafra internal strifes as proof. Civil wars in Africa lasts way longer and impoverishes nations.
Here are my 3 major times of God's goodness to us as a people. I have chosen ones that I am personally cognitive of and not from history books.

Feel free to add yours. It will be controversial but then I always am.


When a military government suspends Human Rights and  passes a decree that even if they are wrong and brutal, any pressman who dares to write about it will go to jail; when that military government goes on to show bloodlust in killing people for a crime which at the time it was committed was not a capital punishment (the young men who were caught with cocaine,) or a capital crime even in the consuming countries or anywhere else except Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia who practice Sharia Law; when they send the Christian politicians to prison e.g the Vice President Ekwueme but only put his boss Shagari on "house arrest" lounging; when all the top men in the administration are of only one religion Muslim.(Buhari, Idiagbon, Babangida, Vatsa, Abacha) in a diverse country as ours, you know soon enough you will have an Idi Amin Dada or Bokassa in your hands.

Yes you can point to achievements like discipline (WAI) etc but you experienced it for just a year. In time you would have understood the effect of saying JOURNALISTS CANNOT PUBLISH THE TRUTH which is the worst thing to happen to any country. What this means is if Buhari goes to prison and pees in Ekweme's mouth every morning, no pressman or house is to publish this.
If you aren't saying "whew"! Thank God!!!! then indeed you do not know the battles God fights for you.


I am a South Southerner and a big believer that the Northern elite have been oppressive and have been terrible leaders and are major reasons for Nigeria's backwardness. Thus ordinarily I should be in support of the Orkar coup which  excised about five Northern states which today are still the problem areas with Boko Haram et al.
However, with the rulership and kleptomania of the Iboris, Odilis, Alamieseighas etc, why do we think we would have faired any better? With all the moneys Delta State has received these past years, cannot the state have been "little Europe" if the Hausas and Muslims were the problem?
The problem with Nigeria is not the religions or regions but the peopling. YES THE PEOPLE. US. We steal. We are Kleptomaniacs. The Hausa-Fulani elite steal from the Hausa-Fulani almajiris and talakewas and everyone else. Tinubu steals (stole) from Lagosians.
Truth is there is enough money and resources for the whole Nigeria to live as one, thus ORKAR's Coup, though seemingly appealing, was fundamentally based on a false premise and on "non causa pro causa" (what is not the cause you say it is the cause.) The talakawas and Almajiris are as much victims of bad leadership as the Itsekiris and Ijaws and Ekwere in the creeks of the Niger Delta.
What that coup would have caused is an unneeded war and carnage of immense proportions. Chinua Achebe's book shows the horrors of war and with our huge population, we would have brought famine on large parts Africa with a refugee situation the world has never known since the second world war.
Thus God saved us from hardship and disaster
For those who are beating the drums of war especially those from the south south, hold your governors to task first then you will see that things are actually not as bad as you think and that God has blessed you (us) immensely if only we voted out thieves and demanded more from our governors, House of Assembly, and LGA chairmen


There is no need to dwell on this. I just think majority of the political elites of this country should be ashamed whenever they hear the Bob Marley song "who the cap fits" because that was the song with which ALL POLITICAL PARTIES adopted GENERAL SANI ABACHA the BAUCHI BUTCHER (or is it Bornu or Kanu)? of Ken Saro Wiwa, Shehu Yar"Adua, MKO Abiola, Kudirat, and but for GOD and Popes visit (My father is Catholic so let me ascribe this to the Pontiff's visit) Obasanjo etc etc etc.

This was a president that flew Nigeria's "airforce one" equivalent into India to pick up whores without air clearance from host countries. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN LIFE PRESIDENT just like his bossom friend BUHARI who till date says ABACHA NEVER STOLE AND WAS A GOOD MAN even when banks abroad are returning billions looted and his sons indicted for money laundering and BUHARI says ABACHA did not steal.

In conclusion, I am unshaken in my belief that all the religious prayers rendered in churches, mosques and shrines cannot all be in vain. Some does get through to the Supreme Being who as I am a Christian I call Jehovah (feel free to say it is the one you worship.)
All I know is that Nigeria has been on the precipice 3 major times and God saved us.

Friday, February 15, 2013



There is an African traditional religious belief that before a person is born, he would stand before his chi and say what he would achieve after which death should ferry him/her away. They say it is only after then that you are allowed to transmogrify into the womb as foetus and to begin life's process of achieving that set goal. My maternal grandma, after 3 years of being bedridden with stroke, after my mother finished building the house she promised her as a child to build for her, three days after she moved in, she died. I am wondering if she said "i will die after my last daughter builds me a house of my own in Ekpan" And also if Susan GOLDIE Harvey said "let me see the Grammys and then I will be fulfilled". Maybe her chi did not understand that she meant to say "see it in my grasps as a winner"

I did not know Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey. Those who went to Green Springs Montessori Primary School and then St. John’s College, Palm Grove and those who were her pals in Sunderland for university education with her may.

But I knew GOLDIE. I knew GOLDIE long before a lot of people that would read this. I knew her when she used to hang at Imlah Elzabad with OJ (Zeal's manager then) and Dready the video maker. Then she used to come with her then best friend Elizabeth Zeal Akinlabi who had a hit back then "give me the pleasure." I knew her, she didn't know me then.

Then CITY PEOPLE MAGAZINE did a feature on all female artistes in which they had a photoshoot for all of them. While the other girls including Ashionye, Sasha Fragrance Zeal came with just a box of clothes as wardrobe change, Goldie rolled in 3 huge boxes which she brought with her M Class Benz. Yet guess who said "hi" and smiled to everybody the most? GOLDIE.

My first time of talking to her was at Eric Moore Studio Surulere where Rymzowas producing her. As she saw me, she said "I like your dreads. Let us take a picture." and i was confused. I said to myself "see rich star one take picture with me. No be me go ask to take picture with her?" and thenceforth we became friends.

Now I have defended her about twice on my page on her performance at the BIG BROTHER STAR EDITION when she was being vilified for her perceived naivete. I had once done same it to her when early in her career she had a TV Interview and when told to sing a song, GOLDIE sang ZEAL's song and i told her "sing yours. They know Zeal, they do not know you" Which she later told Zeal and Zeal was like she wasn't going to talk to me anymore....playfully of course as Zeal and i continue to be close friends. Goldie was that nice/naive

When SoundCity invited her to perform, she called me to get FRAGRANCE and that she wanted both of them on the stage together so Nigerians will see "sexy fine girls" and WEIRD MC was their "big sis" encouraging them. Though the Sound City show was cancelled for that year, the gesture was not lost on me. Now that is GOLDIE... always wanting to share.

This is a girl when we went to her house, she lived alone in a Duplex in an area where just the land is 150 million at least. This is a girl that went to school in the UK but instead of choosing to hang with those of her social strata at least financially, she hung with anyone, no matter if you had a car of your own. She would pay for the cab you enter. Many a time she would ask us to go clubbing and I once asked and Bclean French, Alvin Slutter to come along. Most times Fragrance Tsema Kayoh wouldcome along with Longjohnsnonso Okorie and his twin Longjohnszoba Okorie would come along and we would all drink some expensive wines in the club and guess who picks the tab? GOLDIE and what does she want from you? NOTHING. Instead she gives you. I remember she told FRAGRANCE how much to negotiate with and to go see DJ TEE to do her video after DJ TEE did fantastically in SPIN ME by Goldie.

Did Goldie find it an easy road to the top? NOOOOOOO. People used to laugh at her and she would cry. I can never forget the day she was crying over reference to her talent. She did a forgettable song about Nigeria where she wore a long nightie. She did a song with OJB about "the roof is on fire" It wasn't well accepted. In SPIN ME ft Zeal, people loved the video but still were not bowled over by her talent. Did this dissuade GOLDIE? It merely fired her up and so she trudged on. She told me songs are about promotion that we should take our acts to universities and that i should come up with a plan and we would raise the funds. (meaning she would bring it of course) That i already was managing a female artiste else she would have asked me to be her manager.

Then the song with ELDEE dropped and she literally "gave everyone a slap who did not stay on their lane"as the song suggested. The next time I called her she said "Ena, do you think joining Kennis is a good idea?" I said "Kenny owns the media and hype in this country. I would if i were you" and the rest is history. From "jawo" with Jay Won to "Don't Touch my Body" to the recent ones with J. Martins, Goldie was on a roll

And then BIG BROTHER happened. People saw the homely well-brought up girl, cook, clean, show respect and fall in love. Oridinarily, these are perfect things to do but not on a show like BIG BROTHER which is about scheming and back-stabbing. Nigeria forgot that our darling Uti made a dungpile of himself breaking plates because a girl he never chased was evicted in the first big brother he participated in.. Nigerians were quick to forgive Uti and I led an online battle to vote and revote Uti. But Goldie, for cooking and falling in love....natural characteristics to be applauded in a woman, Africa attacked GOLDIE for it. I did not see the show as i already was here in the States. All I saw was the attacks. I spoke up, a few did come to her defense but who cares really? That show has made GOLDIE a household name in Africa and Africa would mourn, trust me. This will be bigger than Dagrin's....another light that went out in the middle of life's musical performance.

Even in this state of shock and sadness that i am in as mirrored by Jennifer JLuv the presenter on Radi who confirmed it to me inbox after I refused to believe it, I realize i was blessed from knowing Goldie....blessed because i saw a girl who knew what she wanted and a mind to go for it. She used to have some childbearing hips, she knew acts today are required to be thin. GOLDIE left for Europe and came back as thin as ice. Goldie knew sex sells so she dressed the part. She wore tight tops that made the most of her cleavage. She wrote songs that were jumpy and featured great singers and had mad beats. She had the BEST VIDEOS OF ANY AFRICAN ARTISTE LIVING IN AFRICA. I teased her about her French-maid themes. The Moulin Rouge is clearly evident in her artistry and yes Lady Gaga has same theme.
GOLDIE is the clearest example of YES I CAN even when everyone truthfully doubted her. I remember as I saw her record at OJB's studio and how playful yet focused she was. She had her moments of self-doubt, trust me. But she conquered it and conquered all. Those who said she couldn't, have seen her do it again and again. Her awards are numerous and she thouroughly deserved each one including Best Female at City People awards.

So as i began, I wonder if indeed she told her guardian angel...her chi that "after i see the grammys, I can go" If that is what she said, if that is even possible, then in her own way she lived a fulfilled life as she died days after being the first Nigerian singer to officially attend the Grammy's (is there any before her? was it official? I stand to be corrected. Uncertain) as her footprints will remain in the sands of time in Africa, especially Nigeria. She did not sneak into and sneak out of life. She screamed I WAS HERE. I AM GOLDIE for all to hear and i hope that she will right now or on judgement day be walking THE STREETS OF GOLDie. Yes she was 24 karat GOLDIE.

goodbye babes. Rest in absolute peace. Goldie (Susan Harvey)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


That song "Landlord travel and see" like most hi-life songs of yester-years makes perfect sense. The composer obviously realises that perhaps except you move from where you are, you may not be able to appreciate how good you have it. And this is most apt when it comes to Nigerian women who are dating/married to Nigerian men. They really do not appreciate just how good they have it.

Now how many of you have insulted the Nigerian man of being unloving, uncaring etc etc especially having read Romeo and Juliet or watched Leonardo Di Caprio say "you jump I jump" in the movie Titanic and actually give his life for Kate Winslett's character. Or perhaps you have watched as  oyibomen open the door for their women and you say to yourself  "My naija husband no go do am except the door hook or jam" 

As I usually do, I will enumerate reasons why you should be grateful you are married or dating a Nigerian


I knowingly mentioned this as number  one because it is most women's desire to be married.. If a Nigerian is unmarried at 35 and he has made money, even his friends begin to pressure him, how much more his mother. He is "forced" to pick a girl for himself as wife or his mother will quickly "organize" one for him. If at 39 he remains unmarried, know his finances are pretty bad and even then, the community may help fund a wife for him. Juxtapose this with Western men like George Clooney the actor who with his millions perennially remains an "eligible bachelor".

Further to this, sometimes we are unable to afford the HUGE cost of marrying which is practically "buying" a wife. (what is bride "price" if it is not purchase? What is bag of salt, yam drinks cloth for mother and father, cap, walking stick etc if not "trade by barter"? Yes the Ibos pay for a wife like they were buying a Bentley and even Binis and Urhobo who pay very little money still have a lot of hidden fees and charges.Compare this to the Western world where you just walk with her to  a court and marry her and later the girl calls her folks and says "I got married dad". Or even if there is a wedding, the bride's parents are traditionally known to bear the cost. Or consider India where the bride or her father pays the groom a fee couched as "dowry") and feeding tonnes of people you do not know. We therefore have to take a woman on "credit" and make children with her,, from that minute, she is considered our wife and in time we are made to go and pay the fees required or lose the children which are products of our loins and very hard work of our waists. (na work oh. You no dey see sweat?)
Now no matter the new girl we find and love later, if we have a woman who has borne one two or three children for us, our peers and family prevail on us to do the right thing and marry that woman who has borne kids for us. Juxtapose this with Americans or European men who will simply walk away from that woman and she would require the courts to make the man take care of the children under "child support". As for her, she has lost totally. 


The Nigerian man is the number one man in terms of providing for his woman. I went with a female classmate to buy lunch at Subway. As I was paying for both of the meals, she looked at me with surprise and told me I must be really new to this country. Now she is from Guyana. I asked her why and she said Americans hardly pay for meals for girls. She told me even if you and the girl are going to make out later, most dudes will pay for just theirs. I immediately told her that in Nigeria, men pay for everything a girl who is with them take. That many times if you invite a girl over for an outing, maybe a movie she brings all her roommates and you are forced to pay for all their meals and movie ticket however grudgingly. She said i was lying. I then opened my eyes to observe and she was as right as day.

As if that was not enough, I was hanging with a few dudes from other African countries and we were discussing about the pressures from back home and all of them were talking about sending their girls school fees. I mentioned Brazilian hair and ipads and the ghanaian guy laughed so loud at me. I asked if he has never sent money home for his girl to do Brazilian hair and he said "Charlie what for? Am I her father? No wonder naija man do 419 and credit card fraud. You people like big big things too much" I then remembered the song "Ashawo" by Flavour ft those Ghanaian rappers (The Rex Lawson cover) wherein one said "she like money like a naija man". The Kenyan was just staring and  saying he knows Nigerians always send money to their girlfriends. I then remembered that in Ghana it is the women that do most of the providing and the Ghanaian man is ordinarily content with the little he has.


Yes we brave the cold cold snow and do the strangest works so we can send money home for our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters and even extended family. It is his pride to buy his parents a car and for his brothers to wear the best clothes and also to join him abroad at the earliest opportunity. He even tries to get his best friends to join him at his expense. When you see a Nigerian building a house, it is usually not for him. He will most likely spend the rest of his days abroad. But still he sends money home....moneys that most often than not are misappropriated and the house he thinks he is building exists only in his dreams. Still the Nigerian sends money home. Still he faces the extortion of "omonile" and "deve" collectors and builds so his parents can live their last days in comfort or sometimes for the emotive satisfaction that he owns a house back home. If he has a son or daughter that he made before traveling or on some of his journeys back home, that child is an immediate "ajebutter" as he provides for the child and the mother. He does not need the courts to garnish his salary in the name of "Child support" to provide for his flesh and blood. That is the Nigerian male. A PROVIDER.


Old as I am, i still do not know a gay Nigerian. Yes there are but I do not know any personally. But in about a year of being in the US, I have seen quite a number enough to have "evolved"  with my feelings about gays. (yes I now see it as normal. no blame me. In Rome....) If a Nigerian says he is hanging with his male  friend, be not afraid. The worst they can do is get a few women who they will forget the next day. But in Europe and America, the woman has to be afraid of her husband's male friends as well which totally doubles the pressure and suspicions.  many a woman have come home and met their men with a man. That is the worst form of unfaithfulness as it is clear he may never have wanted you in the first place and that you were merely a cover and a ruse. So if you date or are married to a Nigerian, be afraid of Ekaette the housegirl, or Sonia, the neighbour or Victoria the secretary. If you are married to an American or European, be afraid of houseboy, housegirl, male and female secretary etc. So the Nigerian halves your troubles.


Of over 160 million people, how many cases of divorce are there? Yes the numbers increase daily but the Nigerian man keeps his wife. Now the American and European meet a new girl that totally takes over his cranium. He comes home and says "honey, I am leaving. I cheated on you and I love her" He destroys his family, the courts decide who keeps the children and sometimes the woman loses them as the man may get custody or even when she has custody, she has to bring up the children without a father-figure in the house. Now in the Nigerian's case, even when his wife is now fat and old and unattractive, he does not put her away. He may keep a girl outside and spend many evenings with her. But he comes home to his family at night and the children are not from broken homes with all of the dysfunction that follow. He and his wife maintain a cordial working relationship that keeps the family together. As is usual, sometimes the love for that outside girl wanes or she is married off by someone else or at worst even if he marries her, (which is very rare nowadays) she is usually far away from the house of his wife and he leaves home every now and then which is no different from a woman whose husband is abroad or works offshore. I have argued this point severally here and many oyibos agree with me that a lot of these women who are so broken and clinically depressed and suicidal from their husbands leaving would have gladly accepted to share him. In my Sapele parlance, "at all at all na weeensh and naim bad pass" and many women who stay with such husbands find out that the love grows again as they grow older and that wildness of middle-age crisis which make men seek younger flesh passes and he is theirs alone again.


If you meet a Nigerian, a Ghanaian and a Sierra Leonian in a MacDonald serving fries, come back in a year and the Nigerian has become a car seller, he is in college studying medicine or nursing or in prison. etc. he is just no longer serving fries. The Ghanaian may have moved toasistant manager while the Sierra Leonian still likely sell the fries (which is honest good work and pays bills) I found when I got here how respected the Nigerian is. YES RESPECTED. he is held in awe because either by fair or foul means, he will make good.

6. The Nigerian man is hardly ever depressed and suicidal. Yes he may think it when things turn really bad but because of the belief in a miraculous God, he soldiers on. If you compare him to his European or American counterpart and have the American go through what the Nigerian ggoes through, he would pick up a gun and kill everyone, starting with his wife and children. A Nigerian will never do such a dastardly act (Boko Haram and Mutallab is religious nonsense.) If a Nigerian kills his wife, know it is for ritual purposes and he will use the money to train the kids and build churches and carsfor pastor and give scholarships. He will not just kill because he is down. So by and large, you are very safe with a Nigerian.

7 GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED  SEXUAL PROWESS (You can stop reading now if you are under 18 cos this goes raunchy and funny)

The West African woman is said to be the most fertile in the world but I usually ask "na them dey give themselves belle?" NO! Many Urhobo chiefs have up to sixty children and to know their children they ask "ono oni vwe" (who is your mother?) I do not believe we need too much proof as to this considering women from far and wide, from every nook and cranny of the planet, despite all what they have heard of Nigerians still travel down, risking kidnapping etc to marry Nigerians in our courts.  Women talk!!! They will describe  the size of your male member with their friends and say just how prolific or lack thereof you are. Thus by reputation and first person testimony, these women come looking for Nigerian men. WHY? The foreign women have money, often have had two or three kids, they can have sex with their fellow Europeans or Americaans but still they come for the Nigerian with all the bad things said about us. Like I said in an earlier article, "monkey is for play". (No racist pun intended If the Nigerian man was no-good, world over we will not remain the doyen we are.")

A lady told me that because for long periods Nigerian male children do not wear panties and since his little member is left to dangle left and right in the hot African sun, it loses a lot of sensitivity and or has by default acclimatized to the warm conditions of the female......em em.... and so does not hurriedly ejaculate. Now a look at any given porn will reveal how much work oyibo woman has to do get the man to "rise to the occasion".  The Nigerian man, if he is expecting a girl, his "osho" rises immediately it hears a bike stop and or a knock on his door and if it is not the girl, sadly angrily "osho" goes back down. The girl's arrival is all the foreplay he needs. To make matters worse, the average Nigerian boy now drinks "kasaprenko, Dakar, skiai/ogofi/akpeteshi with obukuyeke roots like they were drinking beer and these are very potent aphrodisiacs I hear. Burantashi has been available aeons ago to the hausa man even before oyibo discovered Viagra. Thus the Nigerian youth is a moving-mating-machine. And this is just what the females ordered from the menu i am told.....moving-mating-machines.

There is a caveat however. The females now need more than just hip action from the Nigerian.( I will try and be a "CUNNING-LINGUIST" with this one, so try and catch my meaning. This is very funny.) and many a Nigerian male are averse to it.

This Jamaican lady was dating this Nigerian and was excited about it having heard how endowed and prolonged Nigerians can be when.......em em. Okay so she "used her head"  and expected Okechukwu to do the same. She laid back and Okechukwu made to em..em... So she said

Jamaican Lady: "wyait a minute. Wa Gwan youth man? Ya no know what a gyal need?. Ya must afi use ya tongue on me punani"

Okechukwu: Mba! I cannot do that. I cannot use the mouth I used to take Holy Communion this morning in Catholic church to do such a thing. It is a taboo to do this where I am from. I came from there, To go back there is spiritual backwardness

The Jamaican lady let it go for two straight nights. The third night, Okechukwu having collected "some of her brains from her head" was about to go to hip action when he saw a gun pointed at his head

Jamaican Girl : Bumbumcloth Nigerian. Ya collect ya no give? Wat ya take me for? Stupid Nigerian lady? Me nuh galong like that. Ya better lick it and lick it good. Bumbumcloth!!!" 

So Okechukwu bent down and drank from the source of life. He shined the bowl thoroughly and everytime she wriggled and squirmed, his heart skipped many beats praying she does not squeeze the trigger by mistake.

Now the above is one of the little struggles of a few traditional Nigerian men and this other illustration that happened in Africa may make you understand just how far the Nigerian male has come

Chief Ogheneovo was an Isoko/Urhobo King to be. He started getting fatter and fatter and it became obvious it was not he went to see a "dokita" who gave him "merecine" and then injected him with "egwede"  all to no avail. As is usual with village chiefs, they went to see the village "ogbeburu" (dibia, diviner, shaaman) who said Chief Ogheneovo has to confess in the village square what he did in private. So the whole village gathered and the high priest asked the heir apparent to the throne

High Priest : (In full regalia and with a staff and in all gravity) Chief Ogheneovo, ki diye vwo ruru? (What did you do)?

Chief Ogheneovo: Mi rwe omuovo re (I did nothing)

High Priest : For the second time, Chief Ogheneovo, diye vwo ruru? (what did u do?)

Chief Ogheneovo: MI rwe emuovo ooo (I did nothing)

The villagers started begging chief

"To ta chief(talk). kemu kemu (everything) has a solution "

The chief priest then warns chief ogheneovo about the impact of denying three times and goes on to ask the very final time

CHIEF PRIEST: Chief Ogheneovo, diye wo ruruuuuuuuuuuuu

Chief Ogheneovo: (Looks right and left...eyes sparkling, ) mi,,,, mi (he stammers) Mi lalo okhoro ( I performed cunninligus or went down on a woman) Na my small new wife cause am. she say I must do am. say na so oyibo dey do am"

The whole village erupted in cries and wails. The women loosened their wrappers and fell to the ground in tears. The children were befuddled asking
Children : "what did Chief do?"
Women : Noooooooooo. Chief lalo okhoro!!!!.... Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

The Chief Priest loved Chief Ogheneovo. He wanted to see how to use a waiver for chief. Chief was his candidate for the throne and many a goat had come to himfrom chief. So he asked chief

CHIEF PRIEST: Na bo wo ruo wa. How did you do it? Did u put a finger inside the pot of soup and lick your fingers or did you deep your head and use your tongue to scrub every corner? Say the truth!

CHIEF OGHENEOVO: I used my tongue. It is what she said I should do.

The village erupted in fresh wails and screams. even the children started crying. and thus was chief left alone at the village square to his fate and for what?.

Okay, so there are a few things  the  Nigerian male might hesitate to do. (many are pros at this, make no mistake)and sometimes they may not be too helpful with the house chores or cook (many are better cooks than women and are more hardworking than even Akpan the houseboy). A few may be fraudulent (most are honest gentlemen) and some stupid enough to traffic drugs in Malaysia and face hanging. But on a whole, the Nigerian man is brilliant, hardworking, kind, friendly and to date and marry one is to be blessed immensely.

Maybe also ask Nigerian women who have lived abroad and been with whitemen and men from other cultures why they rather be with a Nigerian. Yes ask the girls and perhaps you will look at your husband/boyfriend with a lot more respect as many oyibo would gladly take him from you.

YES OH! We must like the agama lizard that jumps from a palm tree and gets no praise, nod our own head in acknowledgement of our feat. So to the Nigerian male I say SALUTE!!!