Tuesday, February 19, 2013



People have said "God is a Nigerian. They point to the two civil wars we have had (Yes two) of Adaka Boro (twelve days) and Ojukwu's Biafra internal strifes as proof. Civil wars in Africa lasts way longer and impoverishes nations.
Here are my 3 major times of God's goodness to us as a people. I have chosen ones that I am personally cognitive of and not from history books.

Feel free to add yours. It will be controversial but then I always am.


When a military government suspends Human Rights and  passes a decree that even if they are wrong and brutal, any pressman who dares to write about it will go to jail; when that military government goes on to show bloodlust in killing people for a crime which at the time it was committed was not a capital punishment (the young men who were caught with cocaine,) or a capital crime even in the consuming countries or anywhere else except Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia who practice Sharia Law; when they send the Christian politicians to prison e.g the Vice President Ekwueme but only put his boss Shagari on "house arrest" lounging; when all the top men in the administration are of only one religion Muslim.(Buhari, Idiagbon, Babangida, Vatsa, Abacha) in a diverse country as ours, you know soon enough you will have an Idi Amin Dada or Bokassa in your hands.

Yes you can point to achievements like discipline (WAI) etc but you experienced it for just a year. In time you would have understood the effect of saying JOURNALISTS CANNOT PUBLISH THE TRUTH which is the worst thing to happen to any country. What this means is if Buhari goes to prison and pees in Ekweme's mouth every morning, no pressman or house is to publish this.
If you aren't saying "whew"! Thank God!!!! then indeed you do not know the battles God fights for you.


I am a South Southerner and a big believer that the Northern elite have been oppressive and have been terrible leaders and are major reasons for Nigeria's backwardness. Thus ordinarily I should be in support of the Orkar coup which  excised about five Northern states which today are still the problem areas with Boko Haram et al.
However, with the rulership and kleptomania of the Iboris, Odilis, Alamieseighas etc, why do we think we would have faired any better? With all the moneys Delta State has received these past years, cannot the state have been "little Europe" if the Hausas and Muslims were the problem?
The problem with Nigeria is not the religions or regions but the peopling. YES THE PEOPLE. US. We steal. We are Kleptomaniacs. The Hausa-Fulani elite steal from the Hausa-Fulani almajiris and talakewas and everyone else. Tinubu steals (stole) from Lagosians.
Truth is there is enough money and resources for the whole Nigeria to live as one, thus ORKAR's Coup, though seemingly appealing, was fundamentally based on a false premise and on "non causa pro causa" (what is not the cause you say it is the cause.) The talakawas and Almajiris are as much victims of bad leadership as the Itsekiris and Ijaws and Ekwere in the creeks of the Niger Delta.
What that coup would have caused is an unneeded war and carnage of immense proportions. Chinua Achebe's book shows the horrors of war and with our huge population, we would have brought famine on large parts Africa with a refugee situation the world has never known since the second world war.
Thus God saved us from hardship and disaster
For those who are beating the drums of war especially those from the south south, hold your governors to task first then you will see that things are actually not as bad as you think and that God has blessed you (us) immensely if only we voted out thieves and demanded more from our governors, House of Assembly, and LGA chairmen


There is no need to dwell on this. I just think majority of the political elites of this country should be ashamed whenever they hear the Bob Marley song "who the cap fits" because that was the song with which ALL POLITICAL PARTIES adopted GENERAL SANI ABACHA the BAUCHI BUTCHER (or is it Bornu or Kanu)? of Ken Saro Wiwa, Shehu Yar"Adua, MKO Abiola, Kudirat, and but for GOD and Popes visit (My father is Catholic so let me ascribe this to the Pontiff's visit) Obasanjo etc etc etc.

This was a president that flew Nigeria's "airforce one" equivalent into India to pick up whores without air clearance from host countries. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN LIFE PRESIDENT just like his bossom friend BUHARI who till date says ABACHA NEVER STOLE AND WAS A GOOD MAN even when banks abroad are returning billions looted and his sons indicted for money laundering and BUHARI says ABACHA did not steal.

In conclusion, I am unshaken in my belief that all the religious prayers rendered in churches, mosques and shrines cannot all be in vain. Some does get through to the Supreme Being who as I am a Christian I call Jehovah (feel free to say it is the one you worship.)
All I know is that Nigeria has been on the precipice 3 major times and God saved us.