Thursday, January 10, 2013

ENA OFUGARA and BIOLOGY LESSONS.... Kerosine and water

(Biology lesson are in numbers, while my thoughts are in bracket. I hope you have as much naughty fun as i had thinking these silly thoughts)

(1)When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies. (Na so he sweet reach??????)

(2)Humans and dolphins are the only animals that have sex for their pleasure.. (So na wetin all those dog dey do? Na work? What of Cock and hen He dey rape fowl cos he dey find pikin?...pikin wey he no dey look and once she grow he go rape too? because i never see male cock spin hen once. their "chase" na to actually pursue the hen grip am them sharp sharp.... copulate)

(3)A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to put in a 4 foot tall child inside. (hope say una no use pikin try am, cos una scientists dey craze oh)

(4)Before the stethoscope was invented, doctors used to put their head next to a woman's breasts to measure their heart rate! (Dr Henry Cummings and Dr Bemigho Ayo still dey put their head for breast dey measure. It is more accurate.)

(5)Newborns technically can't cry. Tears can’t be created or released until they are about three weeks old. (make dem no cry if dem no beat them. The shout do. We no like see water sef)

(6)The number of births in India each year is greater than the entire population of Australia!!.
(Dem no dey sell condom for India and wife no dey tell husband NO sef?)

(7)In England, suicide used to be illegal. The punishment for trying to kill yourself was 'death'. (Person dey try to vomit, una dey spit draw draw spit for him mouth. E be like who want rape woman you say him punishment na to rape the woman . IDIATS)

(8)You can live for weeks without eating, but will most likely die after 11 days without sleep. (Na who try am wey una take know? So if you want kill person na to just dey wake am make he no sleep? Anybody wey wake me again I go accuse am of attempted murder.)

(9)After 5 minutes of waking , 50% of your dream is forgotten, within 10 minutes ,90% is gone. (Me I remember wetin I do Beyonce and Shakira for my dream from beginning to end. If I sleep now, Naim I go still dream. Them dey forget everyday repeated dream?)

(10) Studies show that if a man meets a woman in a dangerous situation [and viceversa], they are more likely to fall in love
.(No wonder girls dey love all those Jaguda boys for school then wey save them from other confra boys. Knight in shiny armour things. I need to plan one then rescue the girl. Kim Kadashian or Yvonne Nelson? loading)

(12) The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards (Naim make I like Oghoro frog, he no dey jump go back, forward ever)

(13) only part of the body that does not grow is the eye. (You never see better Okpolo eye)

(14) The following animals also die after mating (making love) with their (weeensh, ogbanje) females species 1. Squids (some species) 2. Spider 3. Red tail Mouse 4. Cricket (all that sound fit be his last hoorah!) 5. Fireant 6.ticks
(The question I want ask are

(a)did these young males not ask their mothers where their fathers are?

(b). how abt older males? Did they all die in a war?

(c). when their male friends go into the room with a female and does not come back, don't they ask questions???

(d)If indeed they know that after the em.. em.. em.. well... "copulating" they will die, does it not scare them? You mean they rather die than not "brokware" sorry "copulate'? Is there no Lux Soap and porno to watch as alternative to em em "copulating". Hmmmmm.

If na so e be, me I go be Reverend father oh. I no go fit because of em em copulating die, after all Pope Benedict no dey copulate and he done reach like 239 years for my eye)