Thursday, May 9, 2013


I felt it redundant of me to sing Alex Ferguson's praise. Seriously, how many people retire and the Prime Minister of his country immediately makes a statement and quips he move over to Aston Villa his club? 
The outpouring of praise for the SIR has been torrential and I felt my mere dewdrops in a surging ocean of praise means absolutely nothing. 
Alas I was wrong. Aghomi GabrielOmo-Odiase Osadebamwen and a handful of others, like greedy preachers demand I add my widow's mite to the offering plate.
But what can you say abt a man who is retiring with the title? And whose squad perhaps costs half as much as the two super-monied that sit far far far below him? What greater honour is there than to retire with your crown?
Upon his appointment as Manchester United's gaffer (coach) he made a statement that was nigh impossible "we will knock liverpool off their perch". Now who dreams to do that? It is like Tottenham saying "we will knock Man Utd off their perch.
Yes United is no Tottenham but having lost their team in the Munich disaster, it was always going to be a tall order to rebuild the club how much more remove Liverpool as the Supreme British football powerhouse. Surely this was the proverbial frog trying to inflate itself to be as big as a cow. Liverpool was a European and domestic juggernaut no less.
How many years on, he has not only equalled Liverpool's record 18 League titles, but has "muni", (added) two others and Liverpool never looked like they could even compete in a title race with United save for one season.
For those of us who do not support United, we yet remain in awe of this man who will bully referees to give him decisions by always walking up to them and talking endlessly so as to psychologically intimidate as the referees will give a penalty for or refuse against "make that Ferguson no go enter me end my career with his mouth.". He wwill also be the first to comment on an opposing coach needling them as he has done with Benitez, Wenger and countless others. Or he will demean an opposing team by calling them "Noisy Neighbours" or a "wee" club and truly the club will be fighting relegation battles like "wee" clubs do.
Now to the proverbial Mancunian enemy Liverpool, Sir Alex ferguson's dominance of the "Premier" League, has ensured that LIVERPOOL HAS NEVER WON THE PREMIER LEAGUE. Yes, the trophy they have is the FIRST DIVISION and this just galls Liverpool supporters. Thiis is not just knocking Liverpool off their perch but seizing the branch they perched on

Every new coach and club he has wrestled and bested. Arsene Wenger must be an expert on describing Manchester United's tail lights by now....cos he has been well dusted. The Manchester United iron cage battles seem seem like it existed along with the Brachiosaurus and Compsognathus in Jurassic Park. Mourinho came from Porto and a war chest of Genghis Khan. He won the Title twice with huge records broken and made. And Fergie said "give it back" and Mourinho left with just the FA cup in his hands. Ancelotti came, one of the few to win the Champions league as player and coach twice. He took the double but Fergie said to him "give me back my EPL" and Lotti left. Mancini then came with his war chest of Alexander the great, fit enough for World dominance. It took a mistackle by Taiye Taiwo on Sergio Aguero for his "noisy neighbours" to touch FERGUSON'S TROPHY. And with alacrity, Feguson has ordered his trophy returned by reaching the finish line and going to take a shower and still the competition lags. Yes United could very well have started their holidays and even pre-season but are "burdened" by the remaining games...

Now I am one of those who insist Ferguson is a very lucky man. The two Champions League Titles he has can be ascribed to luck. 1999 One minute to go Sheringham and Solskjaer score to make it 2:1 against Bayern after Bassler has hit the post and Effenberg has shown United players what total football is like. 2008 All Terry has to do is score and Chelsea are Champions. But Terry even was going to play a penallty because Didier Drogba had playfully tapped Vidic on the cheek. Vidic took no offense but the refree would not hear of it nd so Terryy goes to the ball and slips and hits the post just as Drogba did during the game and Ferguson is 2 times European King.

Like it is said, it is better to be lucky than good. But Fergie combines both.

I still believe Ferguson was why Man United clicked. Eric Cantona, for all his godlike reputation does not compare with the very best. Arsene Wenger's Viera, Henry, Pires, Wiltord, Petite Wiltord, Keown, Adams were better than the Keane and Scholes and Giggs...proof of which is how the France core of Arsene's team went on to win the world cup and EuroCup much like Barca. Ferguson stopped that dominance. Yes Keane was good but not as skillful as Viera nor is any Man United combination and Adams and Keown. Nor any understanding a Pires Henry. Cole and York are just average club level good and that is the truth.

Then Chelsea, then Man City. Even as at today, Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Lampard, Ramires....who will you compare with them in United? Carrick???????

So to the man who someday the trophy will be named after, to one of the greatest (club) coaches of all time, to he man that groomed Cristiano Ronaldo and Beckham and Scholes and "the owner" of the Premier League, to the coach rightly Knighted by the Queen, we say "thank you for being a part of our lives.

May you be as successful in retirement as you were as a coach.