Monday, May 20, 2013

IN VIEW OF THE NORTH'S POSITION..... I take mine and enjoin you to join me BY ENA OFUGARA

I do not know GEJ except as my President same way as many of you. Nor have I spoken to him nor made a kobo from anyone associated with him. I AM NOT IJAW. In fact as an Urhobo through and through (Both parents Uvwie-Urhobo) I am saddened that no Urhobo is appointed in GEJ's government and even the amnesty moneys and pipeline protection jobs  due Delta State is monopolised by Tom Polo (Ijaw), Ayiri Emami (Itsekiri)and Michael Diden (Itsekiri) with no Urhobo involved hence serious marginalization of Urhobo youths for which I can never be happy over. But I have bigger fish to fry.

 I see a more clear and present and continuing danger in how the Hausa/Fulani views the rest of Nigeria and how unlike Awolowo, Tinubu has chosen to align with the supremacists the way Azikiwe foolishly did in 1960...alliance Ibos were to regret (ask Chinua Achebe and Ojukwu, the two people with Ibo interest at heart)

I see the Middle Belters and shake my head in disgust as to how such an intelligent hard-working people can be so subservient to people they are more intelligent than.
I see Yorubas who are Muslim who tell me the Hausas will never allow a Yoruba Muslim to be Imam in their mosque.

I see Yoruba Muslims and Christians live in harmony as my experience in my year plus living in Ketu Lagos showed me, meaning it is not the religion that is the problem but the tribe using religion as a means of conquest and or annihilation of all those belonging to other tribes.

I read and listen to their Patriarch Ahmadu Bello's disgust for everything un-Hausa/Fulani and how the whole Nigeria should be Dan Fodio's "ESTATE" and how none other must ever rule.

I see how from GEJ's election night till now, the killing of Southerners have commenced unabatedly and never considered critical enough for Northern governors to meet, nor of Hausa/Fulani leaders including Buhari to berate and call an end to.

I see these and I feel shame for my fellow southerners.

I have said and will say a million times that Nigeria is a Federal state which means it is Uduaghan's duty to look after Deltans and Amaechi to look after Rivers. That each governor must question his Northern counterpart for every single member of their state killed and why. That if the governors of slain members of their states react to every single death as Americans react to each of theirs, that Ciroma and other Hausa Oligarchs would have taken the lives of Christians and Southerners more seriously than as the chicken/mosquitoes with which they view it now.

Yes na abi??? If i can kill your brothers and sisters without repercussion and even coordinated complaints from your family, why should i stop???

So like Chinua Achebe, I  offer my pen and voice (though infinitely thinner and gazillion times more muted) to the struggle for either of two things

1. A Nigeria that is free and fair to all, no matter your religion or tribe and in which the Niger Deltans have a sense of belonging and can benefit from the oil underneath their soil as Lagos Abuja, Kano and Kaduna have benefited from crude oil not under their land even (not that I mind as long as those on whose land benefit equally and owning 80 percent of it in the name of Oil Block is evil and belongs in the pit of hell). A country where any tribe can aspire to and be president without people going on rampage and killing others not of their religion or tribe

2 A total divide of the country as no one should want to belong in a country where he and his people are treated no better than a "conquered people" (as Ahmadu Bello said we are).

The choice is clear and unequivocal and I enjoin our leaders from the South to make it crystal clear to the Northerners. SOUTHERN LIVES MATTER. Love us or leave us.

And yes, the south's and indeed Nigeria's  best hope still remains GEJ