Tuesday, December 17, 2013

POVERTY IS A SIN? By Ena Ofugara

They say poverty is a sin and Christians have no business being broke. So is Benny Hinn an Olokun worshipper? The truth is that even as Christians and as humans we all make wrong decisions and we all fail in this or that area. Poverty is not a sin. It is a challenge and God's grace follows you through debt and getting back on your feet. He did not stop Shadrach Meshach and Abednego from being thrown in the flames, but he was there with them as the fourth man. He also did not stop Daniel from being thrown in the lion's den.
So as we go through life with our failures and victories, do not let a prosperity pastor tell you that you are a sinner that is why you are poor or that Jesus was poor so you can be rich. Just know that no matter your condition, the comforter will comfort you. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to comfort not to burn down "enemies". I am hardly the biggest christian in the building. I have a few beers in my system right now. But I know deep in my heart with all my right and wrong decisions, with my successes and failures, that Jesus watches over me.
People on facebook keep saying I am brilliant. My university lecturers didn't think so (... neither did they think so of Gani or Wole Soyinka) not because I wasn't brilliant but because I didn't apply myself to what I ought to do at certain times just the way Benny Hinn must have turned a blind eye on his finances. But Jesus is lord of second, third and fourth chances even infinitum. He turn the hardest of rock bottoms to trampolines which bounces you right back up when you fall. It is this knowledge that allows me to smile and look ten years younger than my real age (people here say I am 25. haha.me epa, Ose,) It is why for over 3 years on facebook, I continue to be upbeat. Efe Light Sakpere once said of a piece I wrote where my cousin Ofugara Smart told me "this too shall pass" that "Ena, so u dey get challenge too? I cracked my ribs with laughter. Dangote has challenges. I hear a few wives have left him. You think he is happy abt it???? Enron bankrupted.
So as you go to church later today, know that whatever your situation in life, Jesus is right there with you. Go to church with a sieve and throw out a few things the Pastor tells you. David, God's most loved was hungry and begged bread from the Temple. I am sure seeing him at that time, you would not believe he slew a Goliath. Job's own case is legendary. Go about life knowing it is not over till you are in a casket. Have u not heard where an old man who has been poor all his life drove a jeep at 80 years plus in that Sapele? IT IS NOT OVER.
I am saying this because of a message I got in my inbox. IT IS NOT OVER. Smarter people than you have failed. Duller people than you have succeeded. Time and chance happeneth to all things. (Ecclesiastes 9:11. No look people pictures on facebook judge their enjoyment. No look location. You no know how e be for people for London or here. Once again, know "his plans for you are of good and not of evil" (Jeremiah 29:11).
I can only speak what I know and that is GOD IS GOOD even when you are flat on your back like Benny Hinn right now. People will laugh and mock him but wait a few years and see where Bennu Hinn who is supine now will be.