Saturday, July 20, 2013


TELL YERIMA by Ena Ofugara 

Tell Yerima the 12 year marriage amendment is not about Islam but a homosexuality...a taste. Tell him we know every man has what gets his penis up....big/small butt, big/small boobs, strong biceps and six pack in a fellow man, barely-formed vaginas, young emerging breasts still hard etc.

Also the screams. HA!. That scream of virginity...not one from fully formed hips. NO. Fully-formed hips would be able to bear the pain. She would bear it and even begin to enjoy it soon after the hymen is shattered. NO. The real one is that energizing scream from the girl-child as you penetrate. Her loud screams for her mother and father to come to her aid with none forthcoming. You pin her down....all powerful you and ravish her. Oh the sounds of her begging makes you even more turgid. You find you do not need Burantashi or any of the many phallus-hardening concoctions that are a mainstay of Hausa/Fulani pharmacology.

Tell Yerima we know it is about a lack of competition of size of the male-member. Yes. She should not compare his penis to that of an ex-lover, especially if it will be unfavourable. Yes you cannot trust some of these boys who pack a bazooka between their legs. They should not widen it for you. She should not be closing her eyes and thinking of Shehu's anaconda while your earth-worm enters. 

Yes it is not about what the Prophet (PBUH) did or else the use of camels will be approved by the senate. Why use cars when the Prophet used camels?

Also Abuja will be full of tent-like abode for our Northern senators. 

Why also do we use computers and write in English? Are you not aware the Prophet wrote in Arabic on a scroll?

Tell Yerima that the Prophet (PBUH) said that the girl should reach SEXUAL and MENTAL maturity.

First we analyse SEXUAL MATURITY. Sexual maturity cannot be said to be when the girl begins to ovulate maybe. That indeed will be even as early as seven for some girls. Is that sexual maturity or the beginning of it like corn ears beginning to show? Like sugarcane beginning to lose its first layer of leaves. Is that the best time to harvest if you want the sweetest of sugars and best of corn? Yes you can harvest then, but is that the best of time?
Also do you know the diet that was prevalent 2000 years ago. Did they, like American farms and genetically-enhanced farm methods, did Saudi arabia have steroid or fertilizer-like foods that made the women mature early and wombs fully formed?
Yerima, we know why you will not wait till the wombs and hips are fully formed.

As to MENTAL MATURITY, the reality of the life we live, cars, computers, drugs, diseases, television, type of houses etc ensure we need a lot of training to be able to function optimally. The world has changed and the Prophet embraced changes in his time. He embraced technological advances. It is how he won his wars....strategy, advancement.
So if the Prophet embraced the good part of technology and education (arabic was the latest in education at that time in that region) why are we rushing the girls into marriage? Why not let them have the requisite training before marriage? why must a blood-stained hijab be the total indicator of sexual and mental maturity?

Tell Yerima all he is doing is ensuring his Northern people stay poor forever. Tell him he should come with me and open his mind and reason the following illustration.

Ask him if he feels any sympathy for the Hausa boy of 18 who took advantage of the 2 points (southerner need as much as 139 sometimes) requirement plus free food and school fees to get into a Federal Government college. Who by the usual "pass them all" he finishes and enters a university with another 120 (southerner needs as much as 270) from a total of 400 points. He finishes university and there his intellect has basically caught up with his peers from the south as his disadvantaged background has all but disappeared. He is as functional as his southern counterpart. He gets work in sokoto state civil service and has somehow, while still schooling, managed to already have two wives...child-brides...uneducated, reliant.
His promotion at work is quick and he takes one more and he has a harem of 17 kids. His third wife is the wife of his choice not forced. He met her while schooling as her own parents ensured she was not given out as a child-bride but instead gave her all the love they would give a boy-child. She is a medical doctor (yes the girls can be as smart as southern girls if given a chance) and so she agrees, like a faithful, well-educated, well-raised muslim girl to be a third wife. 
She has three children in no time. It is a marriage of love and desire as between adults. 
And then while traveling to Abuja for a possible appointment in the Senate, he has an accident and he dies.
The mourning is much but the third wife, widowed, is yet able to carry on and raise children that will be an honour to their father.
The first two child-brides, not more than 23 with four children each, and little skills and preparation for a complex world where you must have a paper called a certificate to have guaranteed pay, struggle to raise their sons and daughters who now know hunger and then anger. And come the clerics with message of hate.

"It is the society that has ensured your poverty upon your father's death. Nobody loves you except Allah and you must love Allah back by killing infidels and traitors of Islam."

So while the widowed doctors children are still brought up in love and honour of their father, the other children are now soldiers of a warped teaching of Islam that never stresses these word "Allah is merciful".

Ask Yerima why with all the oil wealth with which Allah blessed the soil underneath where they stand, there is still poverty in Muslim lands. Then Tell Yerima that it is because most of the muslim lands fetter half their workforce...WOMEN. Tell him they rather keep them simply for fucking than for working. Tell him they are no more than vaginas and wombs instead of the intelligent companion/partners Allah intended Hawa to be to Adamu. (adam and Eve)

Tell Yerima that the Prophet treated Aisha well but then Allah had not given mankind the knowledge to make the society fit for a working woman. That since then the knowledge has come forth from thee creator and even trains and trailers and cranes are so easy to operate, women work them and build bridges and construct skyscrapers. Tell him in the Prophet (PBUH) time, there was not this revelation and since he is the last prophet, no one will bring this revelation to them if they do not use the very brains Allah has blessed them with to realize this.

Tell Yerima that Muslims in England and America will go to parradise and that Allah will welcome the girls who are doctors and lawyers as well into his kingdom as long as they followed his dictates and were good muslims.

Tell Yerima that the fact an Egyptian parent could give their child to him in marriage is nothing but child-prostitution. 
Tel him that in Islam, the child cannot be forced but that science has shown that such consent is vitiated by her young age.
Tell him he is raping that child
Tell him that even with the fact of her age, still that girl and many other children do not want to marry strange old bearded pedophiles looking older than their father. That it is by forceful means that they get these children AND THIS IS AGAINST THE WILL AND DICTATES OF THE PROPHET
Tell Yerima that the very spirit that allowed the Egyptian parent to give him their little child is the spirit that has turned the greatest land in all the world, bringer of civilization, builder of Pyramids, to a land of hunger, hate, violence and starvation. Tell him it is an evil spirit. IT IS AZAZEL.

Tell Yerima that still we plead for our compatriots cursed with vaginas up North, that they be allowed a chance at life. That they be spared the agonies of early pregnancy and attendant diseases like VVF. Tell him we love Hauwa Baba Ahmed as she reads the news in her Hijab on NTA. 

Plead with Yerima that the Bible is filled with instructions that are akin to what they practice in Islam but Christians have been smart about it and that is why even the Holy land of Saudi Arabia with all the oil cannot compare standard of living with Sweden, Norway Luxembourg etc whom Allah gave little in comparison in natural resources but loaded with intellect. Tell him Muslims must be intelligent about this or face eternal backwardness.

Tell him even that oil in about a hundred years will be of little use to Europe. It is already of little use to America as America now has more oil than Saudi Arabia through the discovery of fracking. Indeed Allah blesses, but he seems to be blessing infidel lands more than he is blessing the holy ones. (we are not to question him in his choices. I agree) But if Muslim lands continue to shackle and make half their population...WOMEN to continue being dependants and minuses instead of pluses, THE POVERTY SHALL INCREASE AS THE EARTH AGES.

Finally, tell Yerima he must stop the rape and wickedness he is meting to children. Tell him that for a little price we will get slim child-looking breastless girls who are of age to SCREAAAAAAM and CRYYYYYYYYYY for him and act like his penis is LARRRRRRGEEEEE and make him feel like a real MANNNNNNNNN and POWERFULLLLLL so he can let children be children, happy in a world Allah intended for them.