Sunday, March 10, 2013


Do I need to iterate all the wrongs done to the Niger-Delta? Do I need to itemize each theft of what is ours even before Obasanjo's "all lands belong to the Federal Govt"  decree which not only stole the lands of the Niger Deltans.....often using the police and army to displace communities and violate lands their parents, brothers and sisters, children were buried in? Do I need to say how her very source of and water which she drinks and bathes in is today polluted and no longer drinkable but still being drank? Do I need to remind how time and again Nigerian war planes and soldiers have dropped bombs and brought carnage and death to a people whose crime is that God blessed (cursed)  their soil with oil? Does it matter to you that the planes and guns and boots and knives used by the soldiers was bought with the very money from the oil from underneath their soil?

How does it feel to know that while Abuja and Lagos and other places have been developed by the proceeds from the oil, and not that the communities lose nothing but instead you not only take their oil, giving back nothing, you kill the plants and water and very life of that does it make us all feel? And we  went to church on Sunday and Mosque on Friday and the shrine everyday inbetween. What does it make us as a people who claim to worship a just God?

Do I need to share what Barr. Kemi Ajayi shared on my facebook wall about how ELF and the French in connivance with our leaders did evil business in the Niger Delta? Do you need to read this link
to see just one of over 200 hundred ways she has been sodomized for you to know that indeed a serious injustice has been done to a people....several peoples?

It is just sad seeing so many accomplices to this huge crime. It is painful knowing as Nigerians we all are aiding and abetting this wrong by saying nothing. It is bad that with bribing of our "militants" and  with the office of Vice President and by luck president, Nigerians feel justice has been done to that region. How wrong we all are.

To understand what is happening in the Niger Delta, imagine your blood was worth so much and then your father takes the blood, sells it, betters the lives of your siblings whom you have grown to almost hate and as you go thinner and sicker with no food to eat, he leaves the syringes and tubes with which he drew the blood on your bed to keep injuring you while your brothers and sisters and he live in a brand new beautiful house while leaving you in a dinghy dark eery room and only appears to come and get more of your blood even as you die away.

Now if when they sold your blood they took some of the money and bought you some milk and blood tonics and gave you a beautiful house too and all of your siblings and father benefit, I am sure you will not feel so hard done by, but LO! Oloibiri is a dead town with no oil left and no good roads or water nor do we know any of her sons or daughters who is a stakeholder in our oil industry. Every drop of blood has been drained from her veins by a vampire of a people called The Federal Republic of  Dracula sorry NIGERIA.

Do not make a mistake. I do not absolve anyone of blame. The oil companies...ALL OF THEM... especially Haliburton, Elf, Shell, Mobil, Chevron etc have done things they should be ashamed of.  The Nigerian Government...both Federal and at State level have been evil and uncariing and thieving....each and everyone of them. The community leaders....each King and their council and elders have been Judas Ischariots just as they were when they sold their people as slaves to the whiteman  and got the coral beads on their heads...not as symbols of honour but one of shame and evidence of the fact that they have no love for those they claim they are custodians of. And the community leaders who even when the Oil Companies bring their stipend for the benefit of the people, they hoard it, build a mansion IN LAGOS and send their children to universities abroad on scholarships from these oil that are no more than bribes for the children of the leaders and kings and politicians or military leaders and thus compromised, say nothing about the condomless rape of their people and their lands.

So much ado is now being made of  "oil Block". What is an OIL BLOCK? Oil Block is a process whereby people's lands are taken from them and shared between the Nigerian Northern bourgeoisie and later resold or leased to a corrupt foreign company who without recourse to justice and fair play and good practices, go on to drain the oil from the land, displace the owners, destroy the ecology (plant and animal life), ruin the air, flair the gas at ground level (Yes, they didn't even bother to buil a pipe to take it up. It has been burning at ground level for years and years at  Ugberikoko Sapele by SHELL) or a few meters above the ground (all over the Niger Delta) and the moneys therefrom used to make another Northern Nigerian  super-wealthy (while the average Northerner remains uneducated and poor and ripe for Boko Haram recruitment) and Abuja beautiful and Lagos developed and Northern roads perfect and Niger Delta Governors billionaires and Sheikhs and everything else but those whose forebears farmed those soils.

The next few months gives Nigeria a chance to BEGIN to right a wrong that has gone on for too long...THE PIB (PETROLEUM INDUSTRY BILL). Herein the community whose land the oil is sourced from will be entitled to just 10 percent of PROFIT and not net of the crude oil.

Now an agent that hires out a house....he neither owns the house nor contributes a thing yet gets between ten and twenty percent when the house is rented or leased. Wizkid's manger gets 25 percent of all Wizkid's earnings just to take the phone and negotiate when Wizkid's services are needed. Now a community whose land has the oil, whose air will be polluted, whose waters will be polluted etc etc, it is asking that a paltry ten percent..not of the net, but after the company and federal government has removed her costs which will surely be inflated etc....ten percent of the declared profit, HOW CAN PEOPLE BEGRUDGE THIS? Pls define WITCHCRAFT. Let me define it. It is when the rest of Nigeria wants to maintain the status quo of injustice to those with the oil.

They have not asked for a back payment as the communities ought to. What happens to Oloibiri with no oil left? Can we do a Jesus Christ and resurrect that dead town? What the PIB (Petroleum Industry Bill) seeks to do is that going forward, the host communities be it  Iboland,  Yorubaland,  Ijaw, Itsekiri, Okweri, Isoko Urhobo Bini, HAUSA (I hear there is a possibility of oil being there as Chad has found oil and it is same topography. I am aware of the billions spent on the thus far dry casting there) etc, wherever an oil company operates, ten percent of the profit must go towards developing that community. ANYONE WHO FIGHTS THIS IS A WITCH!!! This is only fair I tell is less than fair. It should be 50 oil, your technology. It is why I said "begins to right the wrongs" as this is just a scratching of the surface of what is fair.

So today I call on all my Niger Deltans to SCREAM!!!!! Let your voices be heard from Uyo to Batere, from Oviri-court to Ologbo...wherever you are SHOUT FOR JUSTICE. I ask the Isokos whose lands have huge untapped oil reserves to SCREAM!!! that their lands do not become the new Oloibiri. I ask Itsekiris to take the hand of the Ijaws and Urhobos beside them and vice versa and all three along with the Delta Ibos and Isokos together in unity and unison SCREAM!!!

I ask the Yorubas of Ondo and all Oil producing areas of the West to join us. I ask Ibos whose lands have oil (coal is young oil. In a few million years that is oil. If there is coal, its elder brother is not far behind. America just found serious deposits of gas in rocks under sea called Shale Gas which they get by a process called "fragging") to chanel their inner Ojukwu and SCREAM!!!

And to all others in Nigeria, this is only fair. Yes a GEJ presidency gives the South-South a feeling of belonging and we have shown appreciation by letting you drill our oil and give us precious little back. We have watched you bribe our sons who were fighting for us....and majorly for their daily bread. But how long will this last? Will GEJ be there forever? Do we begin from where we stopped when he leaves and make oil exploration a risky venture once again? I wish to remind everyone that not a drop of oil is exploited in Ogoni and Odi lands today when both Abacha and Obasanjo felt killing our sons and mothers was the best way to get us to be quiescent  and bend over for the painful "obukokwo". 

Thus in one fell swoop we can get this done right. GET EVERYONE TO VOTE FOR THE PIB and have it passed into a law of the land. IT IS ONLY FAIR...and for you too because a peaceful progressive Niger-Delta is a peaceful economy for Nigeria.

Senator Ita Enang of Akwa Ibom/PDP (loving those representing Akwa Ibom from their former gov Duke to Akpabio now ENAng. Thanks for showing the rest of the Niger Delta how it is done) has shown the injustice.