Thursday, March 21, 2013


On Alamieseigha's pardon. Doyin Okupe must be secretly reading me on facebook. Words like "pardon is for criminals not saints" are straight from my arsenal. or well...maybe not.maybe it is just the clear truth in the statement that should come to be obvious to everyone but it is not.

This is not about GEJ and the fact that what other past presidents in Nigeria did and got no mention, if he attempts it, he is put to the sword. I will also not call the many criminals who have emptied public coffers like Atiku who was mentioned in criminal cases in the US yet will likely rule Nigeria ceteris paribus after GEJ. I will not mention that it seems only Niger delta top-shots get convicted e.g Cecilia ibru when over six banks were taken over and billions poured in to save the common man and the banking industry. i will not also point out that while Opia of OMPADEC is on the run Buhari of PTF is contesting for president when both organizations they headed are accused of serious fraud. Why should i bother to talk about Umaru Dikko and how he walks free today? Why should i mention Tinubu and the rest? Why should i mention that Joshua Dariye is today in the Seanate despite many accusations of theft? No I will not. Neither will i remind yet again that El Rufai and Ribadu ran away in a democracy from a sick Yar'Adua when it was obvious that they were to face prosecution by the courts of the land. What innocent person runs from the courts in a democracy?

No I will not mention it because it is an abberration that they are not in prison. It is beyond reason that they have not been made to return loots. It beggars belief that Atiku, after the Mrs Douglas (or was it Graham) conviction in the US on evidence that implicates Atiku, he remains a forerunner for the seat of President of Nigeria.

I also refuse to argue that since it is only the South Southerners that seem to be "imprisonable" we must ask that we too be free. NO. I ask that everyone fraudulent be locked up.

So what about the Alamieseigha case? I go back to quote Doyin Okupe and the reason given by GEJ in exercising his constitutionally bestowed power of pardon. Hear Okupe

" his (Alamieseigha's) political and stabilising influence in that region (Niger Delta) have impacted positively on the overall economy of the nation, bringing crude oil exports from the abysmally low level of 700,00 bpd to over 2.4 million bpd.
Therefore, it is obvious that Alamieyeseigha has been a major player since his release from prison in ensuring that the blood that runs through the Nigerian economic artery is not cut off.”

he goes further

"“He lost his position, forfeited the property illegally acquired and has demonstrated enough soberness after he served his sentence."

Also he says of pardon granted Awolowo for which nobody complained

"“In Nigerian history, great and eminent men, who have been crucified for one crime or the other have been pardoned by past Presidents and such men have lived thereafter to further enhance our political and socio-economic development. Amongst those are our respected departed sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the revered Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, who continued after their pardon to contribute immensely to Nigeria’s social, political and economic growth till death."

Now for those who continue to lambast the pardon, can we do the math and check how much he stole and which has been recovered, then how much Nigeria has made from his stabilizing of the Niger Delta and increasing Nigeria's oil production? What is the difference between 700,00 bpd to over 2.4 million bpd. Does anybody know how many billions his actions have given Nigeria

Again,  how many people would have been killed and kidnapped if the amnesty initiative had failed without him? Remember the militants  answer  only to Ibori and Alamieseigha. So with Ibori subversive action against GEJ which in one instant made the militants to body-search a Vice president, and totally humiliate him when he went to visit "Camp 5"? But for Alamieseigha who would have calmed them down? Oh maybe GEJ should like Obasanjo send planes and drop bombs on Nigerians whose oil you steal and steal and steal?

Now a man who was "Obj magomagoically" removed from the post of governor his people voted him into and which grants him immunity till his tenure ends, A man who was disgraced as he ran from London dressed as a woman, a man who went to jail, A man who willingly gave back the stolen/illgotten property...and that man still came out and is enabling Nigeria to be peaceful

Now you all screaming blue murder, you have no idea how important Alamieseigha is in the political equation. Let me educate you. Imagine if the militants were still operating and hausas killed the Ijaws they killed including EK Clarke's ward. Now try and think how many Hausas in Hausa quarters Warri and in the offices in Chevron and Shell and mobil and in NNPC and their staff quarters all over the South South, imagine the numbers that would have died from reprisal attacks and then Hausa will attack and on and on, and this is not happening because a certain Alamieseigha has a vice-grip on these boys.

Again imagine the difference in moneys between 700,00 BPD (barrels per day) and 2.4 million (Over 3 times our daily earnings) why should anyone with good conscience not want him pardoned?

Criminals who are able to redeem themselves and be of service must be rewarded and if any of you do not think this is true, then it is better we close the prisons and shoot all those convicted. What is the point of sending people to jail if it is not for rehabilitation and those who are rehabilated and now an asset to society, pardoned and even honored? Should we name all such people? Oh Awo, Ojukwu etc. I have called them before. How about Don Kings the boxing promoter that gave us Ali and Larry Holmes and Tyson? The list is endless. Many reformed prisoners work in the slums and are doing great things for humanity.