Monday, September 15, 2014


  Tell the Islamists and even those with genuine grouse like the Palestinians. When you keep doing the same thing that fails always without modification, you will fail always. One would think humans sit back and study strategies thathave succeeded and also ones that failed with a view to choosing the strategy to use. I find Islamists to be the biggest fools on earth and sadly the Palestinians chose to allow Islamists lead their charge. THE ENTIRE MUSLIM NATION CAN NEVER BEAT ISRAEL. The only thing keeping them alive is public opinion.....PUBLIC OPINION which they continuously spawn. Let us look at movements and their leaders that have succeeded in recent history Ghandi Mahatma leading India to "defeat" England. BAPU (Father) showed the world that you do not have to kill to succeed. Martin Luther King Jr leading the march against segregation. While Malcolm X who in many ways had embraced the ineffectual Islamism as taught him by Elijah Mohammed did not succeed with his message of aggression, Martin Luther King like Ghandi showed how to get what you want by non-violence but with a determination to get what you want...unbowed....yet "unviolent. Nelson Mandela leading the charge against apartheid. He was even in prison. He had followed the ways of violence earlier on but realised while in prison, he was more effective than when he was alleged to be throwing bombs. He did not accept "deals" to regain his freedom and yet his soul creid FREEDOM and FREEDOM his people got....non-violently. Now check Yassser Arafat. He had a good cause. IRAEL TOOK HIS PEOPLE'S LAND AND THE WHOLE WORLD COLLABORATED WITH ISRAEL. Yes Israel bought the lands off them aided by funds from Germany, America UK etc. But how did they choose to get back their lands? BOMBS, KILLINGS ETC and how have they succeeded?? ZILCH. NADA. In fact, areas that Isreal had not taken before, each armed struggle against them has led to more annexing of their lands. But for public opinion, Israel would have captured for Itself vast lands even in Egypt. The world does not in anyway sympathise with Palestinians, not because their cries are not genuine, but because of the violent means with which they go about it. Tell me how you would not be moved when you hear an Israeli say this "If all Arabs dropped their guns today, there will be peace in the world. But if Israel dropped their gun, Israel will be no more. Indeed hearing that, you know it is the truth. Israel has nuclear bombs but does not use it. Allow Iran or Syria or Iraq to have one and KABOOM! there goes planet earth. Thus how can anyone support them? And so Palestine continues to not be a state or country. If Palestine had chosen the wayof peace and Islamism and anti-semitic hate was not ingrained in their brain, like the US, Israel would have been multi-raced and Palestinians beng more would have produced the leaders as the blacks produce presidents in South Africa today. Alas, the violence as contained in many other books that have the force of law in Islam (the Qoran contains statements by Allah to Mohammed and so it is not that much more violent than the Bible. But the other books like the Sunnah and Hanafi and Hadiths and also "the Rulings Of The First Generation of Muslims" have made it possible for Muslims who ordinarily following the Qoran would have seen the Christian as his brother and who would have never"spilled the blood of innocents", from following these other sources of Islamic law have made killing something pleasurable. And thus the Osama Bin Ladens and Shekau's can come on TV and say "Allah told us to kill kill kill kill" and go on to say "we are allowed to sell women" or read this "Sunan Abu Dawud 2126 "A man from the Ansar called Basrah said: 'I married a VIRGIN woman in her veil. When I entered upon her, I found her pregnant. (I mentioned this to the Prophet Muhammad).' The Prophet Muhammad said: 'She will get the dower, for you made her vagina lawful for you. The child will be your slave. When she has begotten (a child), FLOG HER'". Even when the Qoran says "ALLAH IS MERCIFUL. Such Caliphs and their teachings is what has brought about Islamism as distinct from Islam and Muslim religion as spoken by the Prophet. Thus you will find IRAN and SUDAN where to even be a Christian makes you an endangered species and then you see Qatar and Dubai. But I digress. The point is, this Islamism and incessant bombings have gotten them nowhere. IT HAS ONLY BROUGHT ISLAM HATE and no one supports any cause of those they hate. And so Palestinians will continue to be starngers in their own land and at the mercy of Israel. The stupidity of Osama Bin Laden has led to the destruction of once beautiful Babylon sorry Iraq (yes Babylon in history is Iraq) In Nigeria, STUPID muslims amongst the very many sane intelligentones have allowed themselves to adopt the violent and backward teachings "OF FIRST GENERATION MUSLIMS" and so they say "Boko Haram" that is "book is forbidden". Their lack of education did not allow them know the very numerals we use viz 1,2,3 is Islamic nor know about the educational citadels of Timbuktu which was totally Islamic scholarship. They choose not to know the Prophet's wife Aisha was a female leader and women can lead much like Queen Amina of Zaria. Yes, Osama Bin Laden and his type have totally lost the plot that leads to success. WHAT HAS ALL HIS VIOLENCE ACHIEVED? Destruction of two buildings and painand death for those in the TWIN TOWERS (including Muslims) and death to many Iraqis and 5000 American soldiers. WHAT ELSE? Since his bombing, Israel has fortified their gates and amassed more arms. The whole Middle-East is in turmoil. Egypt that beautiful beautiful city is in shambles. Lybia oh Lybia and the former Islamist Ghadafi who had grown to see the folly in killing people on a plane that did him nothing...that Ghadafi's Lybia that was leading the way for Africa is destroyed. In Nigeria, Yusuf is dead and Boko Haram and Shekau has destroyed their own Muslim lands and while their neighbours who are Christians continue to thrive in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, their cities and economy in the North is pigshit poor. So what has violence achieved???? The Nigerian government led by a Christian has brought in America, the bane of Islamic world if Muslims are to be believed. The West whom they accuse rightly and wrongly of causing them grief is now camped in Nigeria and what is their reaction? KILL KILL KILL KILL. To what end? Will the president resign? NO. Will he finish his tenure YES. Have the Christian lands now united against the ruling Fulanis YES/more and more each passing day and exploding bomb. Will the Muslim Fulani be then played out of relevance as Jos and other places in the Middle Belt that used to consider themselves an "North" now think is terms of SELF ACTUALIZATION? will they team with souther Nigeria? YES. Will one of their Christian sons DAVID MARK likely be the next president after Goodluck Jonathan, thus making it Christian to Christian to Christian presidency (minus YarAdua's two years rule) YES. So why the EFF are the bombing? TO WHAT EFFECT? do they sit to calculate? Do Islamists think at all? Do they measure success by goals reached or simply by blood spilled? These Islamists are nothing but people worshipping Ilbis and Shaytan thinking they worship Allah YOU CANNOT KILL BABIES AND WOMEN WITH BOMBS AND EXPECT ALLAH TO BLESS YOUR ENDEAVOUR WITH SUCCESS, Palestinians, Muslims must recalibrate and search with and ask WHAT HAS BOMBING AND KILLINGS DONE FOR US.....and against us

The ineffectuality of terrorism.