Monday, July 21, 2014

PRODUCT NIGERIA....And Helping Sell Her. Levick vs Axlerod, APC/BOKO HARAM vs PDP BY ENA OFUGARA

PRODUCT NIGERIA....And Helping Sell Her. Levick vs Axlerod, APC/BOKO HARAM vs PDP
Trending right now on Sahara Reporter is the fact that Nigeria has hired a foreign company to help launder her very battered image....battered especially by her own opposition politicians.
Nigeria has always been viewed as corrupt and her denizens as thieves and fraudsters. But remember, the name 419 was coined by NIGERIANS ABOUT OURSELVES from the section in the criminal code for "stealing by false pretenses".
Also it was Nkem Owoh that sang the song "I go chop your dollar" which the International media and organizations turned into the jingle for Nigeria.
Maybe people in Nigeria do not feel what people abroad feel when your accent betrays you and reveals you as a Nigerian. If they did, they'd be irate at Amaechi for going on International media talking about how Rivers has no water. Or Shettima or Ndume or any of what has been shown the media of us.
That the opposition could pay Obama's campaign manager's company millions to damage Nigeria's image should qualify as treason. WHO DOES THAT?
Of course Axlerod was not brought in to win elections in Ekiti. What does he know of our voter's need for raw rice? Of course Levick will not be the ones to revote in Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Ondo Ekiti, Borno has left the grasp of the APC and soon Ogun and Nasarawa to follow. The President does not need LEVICK here in Nigeria to win NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
What both Axlerod and Levick were hired for was Nigeria's image.
Now while Axlerod is to make the president look bad, Levick is to make him look good.
Now the difference is that you cannot make Goodluck look bad without making Nigeria look bad.
Mumus think when Sen John McCaine disrespected Goodluck Jonathan, they think it is just Dr Ebele Goodluck that was rubbished. I know the arguments I had with my Boswana and Ghanaian friends here when that happened. OH HOW THEY LAUGHED.
He Axlerod ensured the whole world saw THE WHOLE OF NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS AS GIRL KIDNAPPERS. Obi Ezekwesili is ensuring tha Nigeria is looked at as worse than Russia, Pakistan, India and other places with worse cases of Islamist attacks yet with very good image.
It was Dr. Sandra Ote Dafiaghor who asked me to representNIDOAmericas at the human rights hearing here in DC....which I failed to attend due to work commitment and my relief not showing up (and which I am yet to apologize for). In that hearing, the Nigerian ambassador is said to have lambasted all who called Nigeria unsafe, comparing just the violence in just of (30,000) cities in America to the violence in the whole of Nigeria....and the number of death support him. Yet he says "NO ONE CALLS AMERICA UNSAFE"
What the APC paid a foreign media to do is in full consequence is...
1. Do not do business in Nigeria. THE PRESIDENT IS BAD.
2. Do not give Nigerians visa. They kidnap girls they will not bring back
3. Do not even visit Nigeria, THE PRESIDENT IS BAD.
4. DO NOT COME TO NIGERIA, You will not get water. He refused a UN loan THE PRESIDENT IS BAD.
5. You will be killed in Nigeria. Boko Haram is everywhere and sponsored by the President. As you arrive you die. THE PRESIDENT IS BAD.
And yes the opposition has paid money to destroy our image and make us poorer.
China has more corruption and terrible Human Rights abuses, yet today the U Iphone and almost every product is manufactured there. China spent good money organizing meets and visits with the Mitt Romeneys telling them "COME AND CHEAT US. PAY OUR WORKERS BADLY. JUST BRING YOUR MONEY AND BUSINESS HERE." Or you think America just woke up and went to produce their shirts and utensils etc in China? THE GOVERNMENT SPENT AND IS SPENDING MONEY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN AND CONTINUE.
You watch CNN and you do not see Malaysia, Indonesia and so many countries advertize that you should come visit and or stay? Have you not seen Dubai do that? How about Qatar? You think it is a Dubal firm selling Dubai to AMericans? YOU MAKE ME LAUGH SAD LAUGHTER.
Nigeria is the second richest country in Africa after South Africa. We are beginning to grow rice, have trains, better airports, safer roads, less fuel scarcity. We have one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and JUST WHEN IT IS GETTING TO BE THE "NIGERIAN ERA", we have an opposition hell-bent on destroying the image of the nation.
And Boko Haram....what can one say? But of course the moneys paid to CNN etc has ensured the image of Nigeria is not the peaceful Calabar or the "unwarring Warri" or Lagos where u can go to Lekki and party and return to Ketu by 3 a.m and the worst thing that would happen to you would be a mugging where you will lose a phone.
Then the Goodluck administration gets the advert firm LEVICK, again NOT TO WIN IT THE ELECTION, but so the world may look at Jonathan Goodluck and feel confident to bring their money here, which translates to JOBS JOBS JOBS.
I asked someone who said "ENA, YOU AND YOUR GUYS ON YOUR PROFILE (Clear reference to Soji Oseni Jagaban Edwin Dico OkugboMichael Dedon Nonso Okey Okpala Jojo Abiyere and of course Tosin Awotesu (too numerous to mention really) are doing so much for the administration. WHY DONT THEY GIVE YOU GUYS THE MONEY?
(not a bad idea. hehehe)
But seriously I was on the phone for a long time with Favour B. Afolabi who schooled me on what it entails for International Media. He asked me a question. he said "Ena Ofugara, if I am to charge the federal government for what I do for them everyday for free, if I am to disseminate information and paint them in a good light, bringing their good works to 170 million Nigerians, how much will I bill them?"
He continues "we all understand that it was entered into by NAN (News Agency of Nigeria") which is the agency charged with the duty to disseminate information or assign same.
Obviously it is under a new management and they are being pro-active. I believe the new boss Rume Ima Niboro is from your side of Nigeria.Yet if I was to charge Nigeria and they give me the same 1.2 million dollars, if I hire 10 people in each state with real following, pay them one hundred thousand naira a month (which is below what Mtn Shell Chevron pay those who answer their phones), in twelve months, I would need four hundred and thirty two million which in dollars is about 2.6 million. YET THE FED GOVT PAID A FOREIGN MEDIA HOUSE 1.2 million which means just a hundred thousand per annum. SOMEONE NEGOTIATED VERY WELL."
Yet people are screaming WHY?
Is it that it is a FOREIGN FIRM? Oh well!!! ALL YOUR TOP BRANDS AND ADVERT AGENCIES ARE FOREIGN even to market local products to us. I am sure Kasaprenko has foreign media team.
And now you want a Nigerian firm with NO EXPERIENCE AT THAT LEVEL TO MARKET US TO BRUNEI, Kazakhstan and such distant lands????
Look at what Axlerod achieved with the #bringbackourgirls. He had Mrs Obama, and ALL THE STARS OF HOLLYWOOD from Stallone to Scawarzenegger to Timberlake to them. So Salako and sons advertising Nigeria ltd or Usman Advertizers Incorporated....selling groundnut since 1949, is the best people to hire (na joke I dey joke before una say I curse Nigerian advert firms)? WOULD YOU HIRE A NIGERIAN FIRM FOR THIS?
Now imagine if APC were patriots and all those stars carried placards that said ‪#‎DobusinessinNigeria‬ or ‪#‎Nigeriansaregreatpeople‬.
By now you would have seen Nigeria blossom.
But of course APC are saboteurs no less...each one that granted an interview to foreign media and disrespected the Nation's leader and symbol. (yes he is one and the same while in power.)
"TO UPHOLD HER HONOUR AND GLORY...." That is the pledge we recite. That is what the governors and many members of the opposition swore to.
By going abroad and on their TV, are they doing that?
If it is LEVICK that will help to improve our image and assure ONE INVESTOR......ONE INVESTOR... that NIGERIA IS A PLACE TO DO BUSINESS, If they can tell the world "THE INSURGENCE IS IN JUST A PART OF NIGERIA...3 of 36 states really... Cross Rivers, Ebonyi, Ondo and the rest of them are lands of eternal sunshine and love...and they are doing their darndest to fight terrorism which is a global scourge and not just Nigeria, if they can paint Nigeria to be the HAVEN IT SHALL BE SOON going at this rate where the trains, farming etc are starting to take pride of place, THEN GOOD JOB News Agency Of Nigeria, GOOD JOB Niboro, good job Abati et al and GOOD JOB Mr President and the FEC.
TO UPHOLD HER HONOUR AND GLORY....all hands on deck.